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BBQ coming to Columbia Thursday, Friday and Saturday

By special request, Randy Young says he will bring his Happy Hawg BBQ to Columbia this week.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10amCT to 3pm, find him at the old Walmart on Jamestown Street.

He will be having a $20 cash drawing at noon on Saturday. Find Randy's daily specials in the "What's Cooking" feature each day on

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Daffodil Watch 2020: doubles

2020-03-24 - Almost to Russell County, KY - Photo by Linda Waggener,
These Daffodils high on the hill are of the old fashioned double kind where the yellow petals just seem to explode from the stem.

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Mike Watson: the story of the historic Adair Courthouse

By Mike Watson

The current situation is keeping many from their usual activities. I am a natural 'hermit' or think I am. To relieve the stress of captivity for those of you here, I intend to start posting from my archive.

I started writing for the local newspapers in 1983, under direction of Ed and Linda Waggener, with a (usually) weekly column on local history, genealogy, events, etc. And I've been cranking out such material since. This is a long one, but...

From April 2009:

When this area was an unclaimed wilderness, the Long Hunters made their way through the forest and cane brakes to establish camps, one near Columbia, on Skin House Branch. These hearty souls were adventurers, willing to risk life and limb to hunt and explore new and sometimes dangerous expanses of God's bountiful land. This was then--as now--beautiful land. Some of these same hunters would follow the earliest settlers into what was Lincoln, then Green, now Adair County to build homes, raise crops and nurture families. With the breaking of the way, settlers poured into this section of Kentucky--they were our ancestors. They were brave, courageous, hard-working and progressive.

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CU Well Counseling Center offering free online counseling

By Scarlett Birge

Campbellsville, KY - Due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19), the CU-Well Counseling Center is offering free online therapy to Campbellsville University students, faculty, staff, coaches and the public. The counseling center is developing a plan to offer three, one-hour group sessions every day in the morning, evening and afternoon that anyone in Kentucky can access through Zoom.

"We know that uncertain times increase stress and anxiety, so we see this as an opportunity to minister to our faculty, staff, coaches and students as well as the public," Dr. Kenneth Hollis, associate professor and director of marriage and family therapy, said.

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SBA offers disaster assistance to Kentucky small businesses

By Michael Lampton

Atlanta, GA - The U.S. Small Business Administration is offering low-interest federal disaster loans for working capital to Kentucky small businesses suffering substantial economic injury as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), SBA Administrator Jovita Carranza announced today. SBA acted under its own authority, as provided by the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act that was recently signed by the President, to declare a disaster following a request received from Gov. Andy Beshear on March 19, 2020.

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Beshear: Volunteers needed for Taylor Co. Senior meals

In his evening address, Gov. Beshear announced that Kentucky is significantly ahead of other Southern states in preparedness, volunteer coordination and meal delivery programs for seniors. On Monday, March 23, 11,825 meals were served statewide, an increase of 3,825 meals (150%), according to the Department of Health and Family Services.

The Governor said he knows that Trigg, Graves, Mason, Taylor, Lawrence and Christian counties need help preparing more meals for seniors. It is no failure of leadership, but these counties need help making meals for seniors and Kentuckians should reach out to their local elected officials if they can help. The Governor also said many Kentuckians, groups and food banks are doing so much to help and he appreciates it.

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Grissom-Martin working with families on new services

From Grissom-Martin Funeral Home

To the community we live and serve in:

Difficult times come with difficult decisions that have to be made, such as we are in now with the Covid-19 Pandemic.

No two funerals are the same and it has always been our goal that each family be able to honor their family member as they desire. Due to the recommendation from Governor Andy Beshear that funerals be limited to “Closest of Family” and “Private Burials”, it has become different for all of us. We are obligated to comply with this recommendation so that no further orders are announced that will cease what is being allowed now.

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Daphyna Kelly Nunn, 70, Metcalfe County, KY

Daphyna Kelly Nunn, age 70, of Edmonton, KY passed away Monday, March 23, 2020.

In light of the current Covid-19 crisis, no food or drinks can be brought into the funeral home and physical contact must follow social distancing of 6 feet. All services will be private. We are very sorry for this inconvenience; but our efforts are to ensure the safety of all parties involved.

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Letter: Hemp T Paper

Maury Lewis writes:
I went on line to see if I could buy some of this Hemp Toilet Paper and just like everybody else they are out of this paper also. But I will try it when it is available again. If anyone out there knows where I can buy some let me know.

While I am on here I need some one to give me an estimate on putting a shower in my mobile home for my husband to be able to take a shower. He is unable to get into the tub/shower we now have. --Maury Lewis 270-634-2092
Comments re: Hemp for toilet paper

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Mildred Coffey, 95, Casey County, KY (1925-2020)

Mildred Coffey, age 95, passed away on Monday March 23, 2020. She was a supporter of the Casey County Public Library serving as a board member for several years. She enjoyed reading, walking, cooking, gardening, sewing, quilting, and visiting with family and friends.

A private graveside service will be held with immediate family only at Casey County Memorial Gardens with Bro. Jimmy Brown officiating on Wednesday March 25, 2020.

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CU to offer 3 certificates at no cost during COVID-19 pandemic

By Joan C. McKinney

Campbellsville, KY - Campbellsville University's Virginia Ponser Flanagan Technology Training Center (CUTTC) is offering three certificates at no cost to anyone during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jason Roop, director of the CUTTC, said the three certificates are: Certificate in Teams and Organizations, Certificate in Creativity and Innovation and Certificate in Personal Creativity.

Roop said, "The university is doing this to help people advance their skillset while they are restricted at home.

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Curbside meal pickup at Jim Blair Center

By Gale B. Cowan
Adair County Judge Executive

The Adair County Senior Citizens Center located at the Jim Blair Recreation Center in Columbia is still providing curbside pickup for hot meals for people 60 and over.

If you signed up for Commodities, you need to contact JoAnn at the Senior Citizen Center by calling 270-380-1899 to make arrangements to pick those up.

The Senior Center was shut down to in person participation by order of Governor Andy Beshear two weeks ago, BUT meals are still being provided daily or frozen meals delivered to the homes.

If you have questions concerning meal pickup or delivery provided by the Adair County Senior Citizens Center please call the center or call Judge Executive Gale Cowan's Office at 270-384-4703.

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What to expect at CAUD

As we approach the first of the month and with bills due on the 10th of April Columbia/Adair Utilities District would like to update our customers on how we are handling the COVID 19 closures and what to expect.

Our lobby remains closed until further notice, but we are able to take payment at our drive thru, by mail, online at our website and by phone. We also have a drop box by the drive thru window for your convenience. You can also sign up for bank draft services (a form is on our website just provide a cancelled check or deposit slip and mail or drop them off to us to get this started).

We expect to be busy as usual the next few weeks to speed up the line we ask that you have your bill with you and if paying by check please have it filled out. If you are having services turned on or having a meter set we ask that you call our office so we can start the paperwork and then when you arrive we can get your signature and photo id to copy. If the drive thru is full please pull into a parking space and call the office we will bring the paperwork out to you.

Please be patient as we all are trying to do our best to serve you and work through this situation. We want to ensure that everyone is safe, healthy and services are provided as quickly as possible.

Thank you
Columbia/Adair Utilities District

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General Election filing deadline moved to June 2

By Lisa Greer
Adair County Clerk

Please note the filing deadline change for 2020 General from the last of August to Tuesday, June 2, 2020 at 4pmCT.

To avoid any delays in the filing of candidate documents to attain ballot access required to file with the County Clerk, candidates should directly contact the county clerk in their county of residence for filing procedures and requirements.

Local races include: City Council, School Board District (SD2,SD4,SD5), Soil Conservation District Commission.

Forms required:

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Voter registration deadline extended

By Lisa Greer
Adair County Clerk

With the date for the Primary Election being moved forward to June 23, 2020, this also moved the deadline to register to vote, or make voter changes, to Tuesday, May 26, 2020 at 4pmCT.

You can do this in either of the following ways:
  • Online: at

  • By phone: Call the Clerk's Office 270-384-2801 and request a form to be mailed to you. The form has to be mailed back into the Clerk's Office by Tuesday, May 26, 2020 at 4pmCT
Reminder: If you change your party after December 31, 2019 you will not be eligible to vote in the June Primary.

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Comer to host coronavirus telephone town hall

Forum will allow constituents to ask questions on federal response and medical concerns.

By Matt Smith

Washington, D.C. - Today, Congressman James Comer announced plans to host a COVID-19 Telephone Town Hall on Thursday, March 26, 2020, at 1pmCT/2pmET to update constituents on the federal government's efforts to combat the coronavirus. Dr. Kyle Turnbo of Paducah will be joining Congressman Comer on the call to answer specific medical questions about COVID-19.

Residents of the 1st Congressional District can call 855-962-1276 to participate in the conversation. Constituents can also sign up for the call by visiting

After opening comments from Congressman Comer and Dr. Turnbo, the remainder of the call will be spent taking questions from callers. If votes are suddenly scheduled in Washington on Thursday and Congressman Comer is unable to participate, the event will be rescheduled in a timely manner.

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Hemp for toilet paper

By Marie Freeman

We need to turn to an alternative like hemp. Reasons why hemp is so great for toilet paper include:

It's cheaper to manufacture hemp toilet paper than regular toilet paper because it uses less energy and chemicals in the process. Ordinary toilet paper requires harsh chemicals to break down the fibers of the tree, and the hemp plant doesn't. Toilet paper requires only the cellulose part of the plant, trees are 30% cellulose but hemp is 85% cellulose!

It's biodegradable, more so than any other tissue paper.

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Letter: would Braille labeler help on appliances?

Marcus Pierce writes:
Thought the ReizenRL-350 Braille Labeler would be a good item for the lady that needed Braille on her appliances. It's on Amazon for just over $40. - MP

He is responding to Samantha Sinclair's commentary on how inconvenient it is for the visually impaired to use many appliances, and her wish for manufacturers to add Braille.

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4-H Summer Camp Tournament

By Tony Rose
Adair County Extension Agent for 4-H Youth Development

Missing the NCAA Basketball Tournament and the bracket contest the go along with the tournament? Thanks to a few 4-H Agents, they have developed a 4-H Summer Camp Tournament bracket contest. So for fun, Adair County 4-H is sponsoring a local contest for campers, CITS, Teens, and Adults. With all going on in the world or some cases not going on, we thought this could be a fun activity.

There will be online voting for the brackets starting on Wednesday, March 25, 2020. We will release the details about how you can participate in online voting as soon as we get them. But you can check out the Adair County Cooperative Extension Service Facebook page or the Instagram page at adairces to see how to participate in the online voting.

The local bracket contest will work as follows:
  • Download the bracket at this link: 2020-03-23-Summer-Camp-Tourney.jpg

  • Fill out the bracket

  • Email your completed bracket to by 11pmCT, on Tuesday, March 24, 2020.
We know that this a short turn-around, but we can not control that. There will be a division for campers, CITS, Teen Leaders, and Adults. A winner in each category will be selected by whose bracket is the most correct. The camper winner will receive a free camp registration and one item from the 4-H Camp Store. The winner in the CIT, Teen Leader and Adult division will receive one time from the 4-H Camp Store.

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Toilet paper in major news with the Coronavirus

The COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic, or, as the President refers to it, the Chinese virus, may also be remembered as the toilet paper virus because that seems to be the most consistent scarcity as closures cause stockpiling. In her article below, the writer tells us more on the subject from her historic Trabue Russell House documentation. - LW

By Vonnie Kolbenschlag

The Trabue-Russell House has a bathroom now, but the Trabue's never had such a convenience, nor did many of the successors, since a water system was not in place in Columbia until the 1937s. But, toilet paper is now provided, so I wrote a brief history telling about it. Everything has a history as does every word we speak.

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Blood Drive Wednesday at T. J. Health Pavilion

By Stacey Biggs

There will be a blood drive on Wednesday, March 25, 2020, from 1pmCT to 6pmCT in the community center of the T.J. Health Pavilion, 310 N L Rogers Wells Blvd, Glasgow, KY.

Blood drives nationwide are being cancelled at an alarming rate, which is decreasing the nation's blood supply. As of last week, it is estimated that 150,000 units have been lost due to cancellations. Because the need for blood never stops, T.J. Regional Health will host multiple blood drives over the next few weeks at the T.J. Health Pavilion Community Center.

We understand why people may be hesitant to come out for a blood drive, but the American Red Cross has implemented additional precautions to ensure the safety of donors and staff, including:

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National Ag Day, March 24, 2020

By Sean Southard

Frankfort, KY - -- Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Dr. Ryan Quarles encourages all Kentuckians to celebrate Kentucky's agriculture community on National Ag Day today and all week long during National Ag Week.

"It's important to realize during National Ag Week that Kentucky's 75,000 farm families are responsible for more than 352,000 jobs and $45.86 billion of economic output in the Commonwealth," said Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Dr. Ryan Quarles. "As our nation and state mobilizes to fight the coronavirus pandemic, so are our farmers and agribusinesses. During this critical time, the Kentucky farmer will continue producing the food and fiber our state, our country, and our world needs to survive."

Here are a few ways in which agriculture grows Kentucky's economy:

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Art Competition 2020 announced by Congressman Comer

By Matt/Michelle Bowling

Washington, D.C. - On Monday, Congressman James Comer (KY-01) announced the start of the 2020 Congressional Art Competition, open to high school students throughout the 1st Congressional District. The United States House of Representatives hosts this competition each year to recognize talented young artists from across the country.

High School students are encouraged to participate by submitting artwork for consideration. The winning artwork from the 1st District will be displayed for one year in the U.S. Capitol alongside the winning artwork from across the country. It will also be featured on's Congressional Art Competition page, while the second-place winner's artwork will be displayed in Congressman Comer's office for the year.

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Lela Lee McGowan, 90, Russell Springs, KY (1930-2020)

Lela Lee Ashbrook McGowan of Russell Springs passed away Monday, March 23, 2020 at the Russell County Hospital. She was 90 years old.

All services will be private. Online condolences at

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CPD: Fight call results in felony arrests

By Officer Adam Cravens, PIO
Columbia Police Department

On Monday night, March 23, 2020, shortly after 7pmCT, Columbia Police Department officers responded to a reported fight in progress on Tutt Street with multiple parties involved.

Upon arrival there was a single gunshot fired on scene by an involved party. Officers gained control of the scene quickly and began on-scene investigations.

After interviewing parties at the scene and obtaining witness statements, two arrests were made.

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Showers today, chance of storms, high 59F

It's currently 43F at the Adair County Mesonet station. Expect showers today, with thunderstorms also possible after 4pmCT. We'll have a high near 59F, with east wind 5 to 8 mph.

Showers will continue tonight, with the possibility of a thunderstorm before 1am. The overnight low will be around 47F, with northeast wind 5 to 9 mph becoming light north after midnight.

Wednesday should be partly sunny, with a high near 62F. Northwest wind around 6 mph becoming calm in the afternoon.

Wednesday night will be partly cloudy, with a low around 43F and calm wind.

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Hungry Kids Cafe will be closed on first two Saturdays

From Lois Cunningham

Due to the quarantine and other things happening right now, the Kids Cafe at the Columbia Farmers Market on the Square will not be open for at least the first two Saturdays of the Market season.

I am very much needing donations of either products and or monetary ones to keep the free-meals-for young folks going. Many things need replacements, from paper plates to crock pot, etc., and insurance is due on April first.

There will be no tents nor chairs placed around the Market, everything will be to-go only.

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Haiku by Robert Stone for March 24, 2020

Resolve to be good
cannot be reached all at once,
it takes a long pull.
--Robert Stone, Tuesday, 24 March 2020.
-1000 haiku thrice now, more days coming up, Day 3115

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7-County Area Courts for Tue 24 Mar 2020

NOTE: Most in-person hearings have been cancelled or rescheduled between Monday, March 16, to Friday, April 10, 2020. Instructions if you have a pending court date.

Local schedules for Circuit Courts, District Courts, for Tuesday, March 24, 2020, at a glance:
  • Adair County: 3 events Circuit Court. 1 event District Court.
  • Casey County: No events Circuit Court. 2 events District Court.
  • Cumberland County: 25 events Circuit Court. No events District Court.
  • Green County: No events Circuit Court. 2 events District Court.
  • Metcalfe County: 2 events Circuit Court. No events District Court.
  • Russell County: No events Circuit Court. No events District Court.
  • Taylor County: 30 events Circuit Court. No events District Court.
Note: NOT Official. Always Click to Docket for all Kentucky Counties

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Sabbath observations shared - greater good

After posting so many church service cancellations or changes to social media and drive-in options, it was good to see the following perspective. - LW

Sunday, March 22, 2020 -- "Even past our current circumstances this morning has been amazing! Seeing everyone reaching out to hear God’s word. ️How many of you have been sermon surfing? I think I’ve watched five services so far! This is without a doubt the greater good that is meant to come from this." - Rhonda Bennett Loy

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Dorothy Pearl Harper, 89, Metcalfe County, KY

Dorothy Pearl Harper age 89 of Edmonton died Sunday March 22, 2020.

She was the daughter of the late Edis and Ermon Jessie Harper. Dorothy was a homemaker and of the Baptist faith.

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