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CM Directory of Churches

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Apostolic Churches

Apostolic Faith Tabernacle Pastor Keith Avery. 727 Cane Valley RD, Columbia, KY. Cane Valley Community. Phone 385-9432. Sunday school 10amCT. Church Service on Sunday at 6pmCT and Tuesday 6:30pmCT.

The Church In Jesus Name 400 Creekbend Drive, Columbia, KY. Elder Richard A. Brown, Pastor. Sunday School 10:00am, Sunday morning worship 11:30am CT, Sunday evening 6:00pm. Wednesday Bible Study & Prayer Meeting 7:00pm.

Assembly of God Churches

Praise Assembly of God Church 310 Jamestown Street, Columbia, Ky. 42728. Pastor, Bob McCann. Service times are Sunday School at 10:00amCT, AM Service 11amCT, PM Service at 6pmCT. Wednesday Bible Study 6:00pmCT. We are also currently looking for musicians for the Praise Team. For more information call 270-384-8961

Association of Gospel Assemblies

New Life for the Nations 5095 Campbellsville Rd, Columbia, Ky. 42728. Pastors: Shirley Powell, Dr. Gerald Reliford & Rev. Laverne Reliford. (We are a full gospel spirit filled church where Jesus is Lord) Service times are Sunday 9:30am CT and Bible Study Wednesday 6:00pm CT. We have programs for all ages. For more information call 270-751-2025 or visit

Baptist Churches

Bethlehem Baptist Church 525 Temperance Road off KY 61 south of Greensburg, 14 miles north of Columbia, KY. Dr. Gary Ervin is the pastor. Services at 8:00am and 9:45am on Sunday and at 6:00pmC on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. Complete youth program and music program.

Bethany Baptist Church 4537 Greensburg RD. Columbia, KY. Pastor Jimmie Dale Cox. Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m. Sunday evening 5:00 p.m. Wednesday Prayer Service 6:00 p.m.BIG CREEK BAPTIST CHURCH, 124 Weed-Keltner RD, Columbia, KY.

Burkesville Baptist Church 372 N Main Street, Burkesville, KY. Sunday School at 9:45amCT/10:45amET.; Sunday worship, 11amCT/12ET, and 6pmCT/7pmET. Pastor Dr. Mark Shelton.

Cane Valley Baptist Church 3145 Cane Valley Road, Columbia, KY in the Cane Valley Community of Adair County. Sunday School at 9:30amCT/10:30amET.; Sunday worship, 10:30amCT/11:30amET, and 6pmCT/7pmET. Bro. Clay Scott, Pastor.

Charity Baptist Church 4072 Holmes Bend Rd. 4072 Holmes Bend Rd. Sunday Morning Services: Sunday School 10:00 am CT, Sunday Morning Worship 11:00 am CT and Wednesday night Bible Study and Youth: 6:30 pm CT. You may call 270-250-2554. Everyone is welcome.

Columbia Baptist Church Downtown Columbia at 201 Greensburg Street, Columbia, KY. Pastor Randy Johnson. Phone 270-384-3176. Sunday Worship Services at 9amCT, followed by Sunday School. Sunday evenings: 5:30pmCT meal followed by Bible study. To learn more about Columbia Baptist Church, to hear audio sermons, meet our church staff, read our church calendar of events, to contact us, and much more:

First Baptist Church. 847 Burkesville ST, Columbia, KY. Pastor Rev. Daniel Murphy, Sr. Sunday School 10am. Morning Worship 11am. Prayer Service 6pm. Bible Study 7pm. Phone 270-384-3154.

Gradyville Baptist Church 159 Old Gradyville Church Road, Gradyville, KY. Sunday School, 9:30amCT. Sunday worship service, 10:45amCT. Sunday Evening Worship Service, 6pmCT. Wednesday prayer meeting, 6:30pmCT. Pastor: Bro. Adam Pruitt. Mailing address: 2783 Hughes Road, Columbia, KY 42728. Phone: 270-250-5222. Deacon Mike Bennett. Photo by Melissa Stone

Green River Memorial Baptist Church Taylor Co., KY - 3441 Old Columbia RD, Campbellsville, KY. The church is approximately 4 miles northwest of Green River Lake and five miles south of Campbellsville, KY, Highway 1061. and approximately 15 miles north of Columbia, KY. Service times are as follows: Sunday School, 10amET; Sunday Worship, 11amET; Sunday Bible Study, 6:30pmET; Wednesday Prayer Meeting, 6pmET; Team Kids/Youth, Wednesdays at 6:30pmET.

Harrod's Fork Baptist Church 169 Harrods Fork Circle, Columbia, KY, between of Sparksville and Breeding, KY. Pastor Allen Durrett. Sunday School 9:30amCT. Sunday Worship 10:30amCT.

New Grace Baptist Church. 902 Russell Road, Columbia, KY. Christian Education Sunday, 9:45amCT; Sunday Worship, 11amCT, Wednesday night, 6pmCT. Pastor K. F. Tuck. Phone 270-250-2733.CM photo

Plum Point Baptist Church. 6107 Knifley RD between Egypt and the Green River Lake Bridge. Pastor Steve Willis. Sunday School 9:30am. Sunday Morning Worship 10:25am.and Evening Bible Study, at 4:30pmCT. On the web at Photo by Joe Hare of Hare & Moss Photographers

Mt. Gilboa Baptist Church Taylor County - 3502 Mt Gilboa Road. Campbellsville Ky 42718. Sunday: Sunday School 9amCT/10amET; Morning Worship 10amCT/11amET; Evening Worship 5pmCT/6pmET; Wednesday Bible study and Prayer Meeting 5pmCT/6pmET

Mt. Gilead Baptist Church 30 Buford Dile Road, in Green County, KY just of Skinhouse Branch Road. (Awaiting complete Directory of Churches Information; will post when obtained; click on photo for larger image)

Pierce's Chapel Baptist Church 2082 Yellow Hammer Road, Fairplay, Ky. 42728. Pastor Cary Dunbar. Sunday School, 9:30amCT. Sunday Morning Worship Service-10:30amCT. Bible study, Tuesday one week, Wednesday the next 6pmCT. Contact 270-384-5776. Everyone is welcome.

Pleasant Union Baptist Church - Taylor County - 426 Fallen Timber Road, Campbellsville, KY 42718. Phone 270-465-9064. Sunday School 9:45amET. Morning Worship 11amET. Prayer and Bible Study 6pmET. Pastor Rev. Michael Caldwell.

Poplar Springs Baptist Church 465 Poplar Springs Road, Liberty, Casey County, KY. Pastor Bro. Johnny Maupin. Sunday School 10amET. Morning Worship 11amET. Sunday Evening Worship, 6pmET. Wednesday Evening Worship, 7pmET.

Price's Creek Baptist Church 1636 Price's Creek Road in Western Adair County near Metcalfe CO line. Pastor Bro. Danny Sexton. Sunday School 9:30amCT except First Sunday. Preaching 11amCT, on First Sundays and Saturdays and Third Sunday Evenings. Prayer Meetings Sunday nights when no Preaching.Photo by Candice Compton Robertson

Russell Heights Baptist Church 19 N Bramblett ST, Columbia, KY. Russell Heights neighborhood. Pastor Darrell Treece. Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. Sunday Worship 10:30amCT, Sunday Youth at 5pmCT, Sunday Evening Worship, 6pmCT, Wednesday Bible Study at 6pmCT. Directions, just north of Russell Creek Bridge, turn onto West Page Street (by Williams Furniture Furniture), the church will be in sight; go a short distance and turn right on Bramblett Street. The Church is on the left.

Saloma Baptist Church (Taylor County) 1505 West Saloma Road (Highway 744 west), Campbellsville, KY 42718. Rev. John Chowning, Pastor. Sunday: Sunday School-10:00amET; Morning Worship-11am; Evening Worship, Children and Youth-6pmET; Wednesday: Prayer and Bible Study-7pmET. (All Eastern Time). Phone 270-789-0082. Email Website

Sano Baptist Church 3005 Highway 1729, Russell Springs, KY, in the Sano Community, Russell County near the Adair County line. Pastor Dallas Luttrell. Sunday School 10amCT. Sunday Worship 11:00amCT and 5:30pmCT; Wednesday 6pmCT. Wednesday, 5pmCT, Free meals. Telephone 270-585-7053. Email: Not affiliated with any organization

Sparksville Baptist Church 9401 Burkesville RD, Columbia, KY in the Sparksville community of Adair Co., KY. Bro. Darrell Landis, pastor. Sunday Worship Service 11am. Sunday Evening 6pmCT. Photo by Candice Compton Robertson

Baptist: Missionary Baptist Churches

Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church Green County, KY. Pastor Emmanuel P. Young. 693 Haskinsville RD (Junction 1913 off Junction 565) Greensburg, KY. Sunday School 9:00amCT/10amET. Sunday Worship 10:30amCT/11:30amET.

Baptist: Separate Baptist Churches

Beechgrove Separate Baptist Church 2456 HWY 900, Glens Fork, KY. Pastor Matthew Lawhorn. Sunday School 10:00amCT. Sunday Worship Service 11:00amCT. Wednesday Bible Study, 6:30pmCT. Everyone is welcome.

Coffey's Friendship Separate Baptist Church Russell Co., KY - 850 Coffey's School RD. Jamestown, KY. Pastor, Bro. Avery Russell. Sunday school at 10amCT. Morning worship at 11amCT each 2nd and 4th Sunday. Everyone is welcome.

Flatwoods Separate Baptist ChurchPastor Bro. Billy Hewitt. 1025 Wheeler Hill Rd. Columbia, KY 42728. Services: Sunday mornings; Sunday School at 10amCT Worship at 11amCT. Wednesday night service at 6:30pmCT. Everyone welcome.

Free Union Separate Baptist Church 4642 Sano RD, Columbia, KY. Pastor Bro. Mark Polston. Sunday School, 10amCT. Sunday Worship, 11amCT. Sunday Evening Worship, 6:30pmCT. Prayer meeting and youth service, Wednesday night, 6:30pmCT.

Liberty Separate Baptist Church 41 Liberty Church Road, Greensburg, KY. Located just off Hwy. 61 between Columbia and Greensburg, KY. Pastor, Bro. Todd Davis. Weekly services: Sunday School, 9:30amCT; Sunday Morning Worship Services, 10:30amCT; Wednesday night services, 6:00pmCT and our Ladies Fellowship meets every 3rd Wednesday night at 6pmCT (no prayer meeting on that night).

Melson Ridge Separate Baptist Church 5250 Hwy 900 Road, Columbia, KY, in the Melson Ridge Community (Cundiff) of Adair County, KY. Pastor Buford Hadley.

Purdy Separate Baptist Church 8004 Liberty Road, Columbia, KY. Sunday School 9:30amCT. Sunday Services 10:30amCT. Sunday Night Services 6:30pmCT. Wednesday Night Services 6:30pmCT. Pastor Bro. Jamie Bryant.Photo by Savannah Jane Burton

New Hope Separate Baptist Church 10706 Liberty Road, Columbia, KY.

Robinson Ridge Separate Baptist Church 10477 Knifley Road, Knifley, KY. Pastor Bro. Bobby Bryant. The pastor's phone numbers: 270-585-1516 or 270-866-5946. Sunday School 9:00amCT10amET. Sunday Morning Worship 10:30CT/11:30amET. Sunday Eveniig 5pmCt6pmET. Wednesday Prayer Meeting 6pmCT/7pmET.

Baptist, United

Brethren in Christ Churches

Beulah Chapel Brethren in Christ 4262 Liberty Road, Columbia, KY. Sunday School 9:30amCT. Sunday Morning Worship 10:30amCT. Prayer Meeting 6:30pmCT.

Bloomington Chapel Brethren in Christ Church 55 Bloomington Church RD; and Fellowship Hall at 60 Bloomington Church Road, Columbia, KY. Pastor Bro. Ralph Foster. Sunday School, 10amCT. Morning Worship 11amCT. Children's Church, 11amCT. Sunday Evening 6pmCT. Wednesday meeting 6pmCT. Bro. Ralph Foster and congregation invite all to attend. - Connie Kemp

Knifley Chapel Brethren in Christ, 6029 Elkhorn Rd., Knifley, KY.

Millerfield Brethren in Christ 1891 Millerfield Rd., Columbia, KY 42728. Pastor, Bro. Troy Grider. Sunday School at 9:30amCT. Sunday Service 10:30amCT. Sunday Evening, 6:30pmCT. Wednesday Evening 6:30pmCT.

Catholic Churches

Church of the Good Shepherd. 1217 Greensburg Street, Columbia, KY, across the street from Adair County Middle School. Administrator, Father Nicholas Brown. Mass Sunday, 9amCT. Wednesday, 6:30pmCT, and Friday, 8amCT.

Christian Churches

Amandaville Christian Church Amandaville, KY. KY 704. Cumberland Co., KY. Rev. Paul W. Patton, pastor.

Cane Valley Christian Church 2250 Cane Valley RD, Cane Valley, KY. Sunday School, 9:30amCT/ Sunday Worship: 10:15amCT. Evening Worship Sunday and Wednesday 6pmCT. Everyone is always welcome to worship with us. Photo by Joe Hare

Chestnut Grove Christian Church Just west of Breeding, KY, at 145 Chestnut Grove RD. Near intersection of Chestnut Grove and Flat Rock Roads. Sunday School 9:30am. Sunday Worship 10:30am. Wedmesday Evening, 6:30am.

Columbia Christian Church 206 Campbellsville ST, Columbia, KY. John Davis, Senior Minister. Adam Shepard, Youth & Family Minister. Dwayne C. Martin, Minister of Music. Sunday Services: Sunday School, 9:00am. Sunday Morning Worship, 10:00am. Sunday Evening Worship, 6:30pm. Youth Meetings for all ages (Pre-Grade 12) Sunday Evening, 6:30pm. Nursery provided for all services. Mid-Week Services: Mid-week Bible Study & small groups, Wednesday, 6:30pm. Youth ages K- grade 12, Wednesday, 6:30pm. Photo by Hare & Moss

Dunnville Christian Church, 11000 South US Hwy 127, Dunnville, Casey County, KY near Adair and Russell Counties. Pastor, Derick Terry.Sunday School at 9:30amET/8:30amCT. Sunday worship, 10:30amET/9:30amCT. Wednesday Men's Prayer meeting and Devotional Breakfast, 7:15amET/6:15CT. Wednesday Bible Study. 7pmET/6pmCT. Wednesday Youth Bible Study 7pmET/6pmCT.

Egypt Christian Church 4859 Knifley RD, Columbia, KY in the Egypt (sometimes called Absher) Community. Bro. Paul Patton Pastor. Sunday School at 9amCT, Church at 10amCT. No evening service. Wednesday night prayer meeting at 6:30pmCT.

First Christian Church 101 N. Main ST, Burkesville, KY. Cumberland Co., KY. Rev. Paul W. Patton, Pastor.

Glens Fork Christian Church 7298 KY 55 Highway South, Columbia, KY. Photo by Emily Klingberg

Jamestown Christian Church, 65 South Main ST, Jamestown, Russell Co., KY. Sunday Services: Sunday School, 9:30amCT. Sunday Worship, 8:30amCT and 10:45am.CT Pastor Tony Stephens.

Knifley Christian Church (Roley and Knifley Christian Church). Congregations meet at Knifley Christian Church, 7710 Elkhorn RD, Knifley, KY 42753. Minister, Bro. Hugh Withers. Sunday School at 9:30amCT and Worship Service is at 10:30amCT. Sunday Evening Service, 6pmcCT. Wednesday night service, 6pmCT.

Little Cake Christian Church 2699 Little Cake Road, Columbia, KY. Pastor Dewey Aaron and congregation invite all to worship with us. Sunday School begins at 10amCT and Morning Worship at 11amCT. Contact: 270-250-1512.

Second Christian Church 829 Burkesville ST, Columbia, KY. Pastor, Rev. Kenny Carter. Sunday School 9:30amCT. Sunday morning Worship10:30amCT. Sunday evening Bible Study, 6pmCT. Wednesday Evening Ladies Bible Sunday, 6pmCT. Call 270-805-1646.

Russell Springs Christian Church 315 N Main Street, Russell Springs, KY. Sunday School 9:30amCT. Sunday worship, 10:30amCT. Wednesday service, 6:30pmCT.

Shiloh Christian Church. 239 Shiloh Cemetery RD, Columbia, KY, Located 4.5 miles up KY East 80 from Columbia, KY. Pastor Randy Young. Shiloh has a weekly service Sunday Mornings at 10:30amCT. Contact 270-250-3528. Photo by Joe Hare

Tabernacle Christian Church 13175 Liberty Road, Columbia, KY. Located in the Neatsville Community. Bro Terry White, Minister. Church Phone: 270-384-8852. Sunday School: 9:30amCT.; Sunday Worship: 10:20amCT; Sunday Evening Worship 5:30pmCT; We extend an invitation for all to worship with us.

Churches of Christ

Columbia Church of Christ 501 Jamestown Street, Columbia KY 42728. Phone 270-384-6467. Minister Michael Tanksley. Service times: Sunday Worship 9amCT, 6pmCT, Bible Class 10amCT. Wednesday Bible Class 6:30pmCT.

Churches of God

Bernard Ridge Church of God Established 1928. A Pentecostal Church. Russell County at 170 Stephens Ridge Road, Russell Springs, KY. Pastors Lindsey and Darlene Cornett. Service times: Sunday School 9:45amCT. Sunday morning service 11amCT. Sunday night service 6pmCT. Family Training Hour, Wednesday night 6:30pmCT. Contact: Pastors, 270-343-3041.

Columbia Church of God Pastor Rev. Gene Conover. 708 Mitchell ST, Columbia, KY. Call 270-384-4950. Pick Up for Services, call 270-384-4590. Sunday: Sunday School, 10amCT. Sunday Worship at 11amCT and 6:30pmCT. Wednesday: Wednesday Night Family Training at 6:30pmCT. Children's church for children through age 10 for all services.

Eunice Church of God 12515 Liberty Road, just south of the junction of KY 206 and the Dunnville Road, Columbia, KY. Pastor Elder C.R. Payne. Sunday School 10:30amCT. Sunday Worship 11:30amCT. Wednesday evening service 6pmCT. Pastor Payne and congregation invite all to attend.

Freedom Church of God 515 Freedom Church Road. Service times: Sunday School 10:00amCT. Worship 11:00amCT. Sunday evening worship 6:30pmCT. Wednesday night Bible Study 6:30pmCT. Pastor: Scott Allen

Mt. Zion Church of God 1640 Eastridge Cemetery RD (Northern Adair County between Knifley and Feathersburg, KY)

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon)

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 280 Metcalfe Co. Mitchell Edwards RD, Sulphur Well, KY

Community Churches

Amazing Grace Church, 1665 1665 Hwy 55 South Road, Columbia, KY. (SE Corner, KY 55 and Creekbend Drive) (complete information needed)

Dunbar Hill Community Church Hwy. 1104/Caldwell Ridge Road. Sunday School 10amCT. Night, 6pmCT. Wednesday service, 6pmCT. Darrell Tucker, pastor. 270-789-4443.

Glens Fork Community Church KY 55 South, Columbia, KY. (Glens Fork Community.) Phone 270-378-6006. Pastor Jimmy Bunch. Sunday School 10:00 a.m. Worship 11:00 a.m. Sunday Evening Worship 6:30 p.m. Wednesday 6:30 p.m.

Hadley's Community Church Located at 8269 Fairplay RD, Columbia KY. Sunday School 9:30am CT. Preaching 10:00am Ct. Wednesday & Sunday Evening 6:30pm CT. Regular sanctuary seats 250; special seating up to 500. Pastor Bro. Elbert Hadley & congregation welcomes all.

Hovious Ridge Community Church Sunday Morning 9am. Sunday Evening 5pm. Wednesday 6pm.

Hutchison Community Church 3375 Pelham Branch RD, Columbia, KY. Sunday School starts at 9:30amCT. Sunday Worship at 10:45amCT. The pastor is Bro. Larry Brown. Everyone is welcome.CM Photo

Kellyville Community Church 77 Kellyville RD, Columbia, KY in the Kellyville Community of Adair County near the Village of Coburg, KY. Sunday Services at 9:30amCT and 6pmCT. Wednesday Service at 6pmCT. Photo by Hare & Moss, Photographers

Morris Chapel Church 87 Morris Chapel Road, Columbia, KY. Pastor Bro. Steve Coffey. Sunday School 9:30amCT. Worship Service 10:30amCT. - June Bennett

Tabor Community Church 1477 Fairplay Road, Columbia, KY, in the Tabor Community. On Scenic KY 704. Sunday School 10amCT, Worship Service 11amCT, Sunday evening services 6pmCT, Wednesday evening Bible Study 6pmCT. Brother Ralph Hadley Pastor Pastor Ralph Hadley invites all. Phone photo

Victory Community Church 1165 Russell Road, Columbia, KY. Bro. Rick Shelton, pastor. Phone number 270-250-1836 or 270-634-3848 Sunday Worship Service, at 10:30amCT. Sunday School at 9:30amCT. Sunday Night at 6:30pmCT. Wednesday evening Prayer and Bible Study at 6:30pmCT. Everyone welcome! photo

Episcopal Churches

St. Thomas Episcopal Church 116 South Columbia Avenue. Campbellsville, KY. Phone 270-789-1601. Sunday worship 11:00amET/10:00amCT. Sunday School/Godly Play & Adult Education from 10:0am - 10:45amET (9:00amC - 9:45amCT). Nursery provided during the worship service. Pastor: the Rev. Karl Lusk. 236 Ridgeview Drive, New Haven, KY 40051. Phone 270-789-8888 (cell/office)

Independent Churches

Antioch Church, 3422 Wheeler Hill Road, (off KY 61 S/Burkesville Road), Columbia, KY, in the Sparksville area of Adair County. Pastor Carol Weddle and the congregation invite you to join us in worshiping our Lord Jesus Christ at any or all of these times. Sunday School 9:30amCT, Worship Service 10:30amCT. - Rita Campbell

Bearwallow Church 6090 Liberty Road, Columbia, KY. Pastor Logan Wilkerson. Sunday Worship Services 9:30amCT, Wednesday night services 6pmCT. The adjoining Bearwallow Cemetery is at 6080 Liberty RD, and the Fellowship Hall is 200 Bearwallow Cemetery RD, Columbia, KY.

Temple Emanuel 309 Hudson Street, Columbia KY. Pastor Valentin Aguirre (270) 250-3189.
Tuesday prayer service 7pmCT-9pmCT. Thursday and Saturday service 7pmCT-9pmCT. Sunday service 11amCT. Iglesia Evanglica Apostoles y Profetas Efesios 2:20. All services are in Spanish/Todos los servicios son en espanol.

Haven Mission 300 Merchant ST., Columbia, KY. Sunday School, 10am. Sunday Worship, 11:00am. Sunday evening worship and Wednesday night worship, 6:00pm. Pastor Jim Williams invites all to attend.

Simple Truth Ministries Meets each Sunday at 11amCT, at Harvest Cafe, 212 Public Square, Columbia, KY. Paul McEachron, messenger. Simple Truths Band provides spiritual music. Informal. Refreshments follow service. Everyone welcome. - Steve Chundy

107 Ministries Bro. Darrell Coffey. 389 Portland Road, Columbia, KY 42728. Portland Community. Phone 270-378-0457. Services each week on Thursday Nights at 6:30pmCT. - Lindsey Young

Trinity Church of Columbia KY Senior Pastor Steve Pescosolido, located on KY 55 North at 2418 Campbellsville Rd., Columbia, KY. Sunday Mornings: 9:00 am CT Contemporary Service; 10:30 am CT, Traditional Service; Sunday Evening: 6pmCT Adult Bible Study and Adult Small Group; Wednesday Night: IMPACT Children & Youth (3-18 yrs old) at 6pmCT; Adult Small Groups. Supper is served at 6:00 pm CT then all groups meet at 6:30pmCT. Office hours are 9 am CT-1:00 pm CT, Monday-Friday. 270-384-3259. Website: The Family Life Center is located next door, at 2252 Campbellsville Rd., Columbia, KY and is available for public events. Call the church office for information about scheduling. Everyone is welcome to worship Jesus Christ and to grow in faith in Him!

Nazarene: Churches of the Nazarene

First Church of the Nazarene 1200 Jamestown ST, Columbia, KY 42728. Sunday School 9:30am. Worship 10:30am and 6:00pm. Wednesday Bible Study, Teen and Children's Programs at 6:30pm CT. 270-384-2956 Pastor, Rev. Thomas G. Legg.

Glensfork Church of the Nazarene 7811 Hwy 55 South, Columbia, KY, in the Glensfork Community. Brian Fudge, pastor. Sunday School, 10amCT. Sunday worship 11amCT. Sunday night worship and youth meeting, 6:30pmCT. Wednesday night Bible study 6:30pmCT.

Sparksville Church of the Nazarene 9562 Burkesville RD, Columbia, KY in the Sparksville community of Adair Co., KY. Sunday School 9:45amCT; Sunday Morning Worship, 10:45amCT. Pastor Robert Adkins.

Non-Denominational Churches

The Garden Church 7723 Russell Springs Road, Russell Springs, KY (Adair County). Danny Roy, pastor. Worship services are Friday night at 7pmCT and Sundays 10amC and 6:30pmCT. Contact 270-507-8356 or email

3Trees Church/Columbia 208 Will Walker Lane, Columbia, KY 42728 - Sundays at 9amCT and 11amCT. Wednesdays at 7pmCT Contacts: Phone.

3Trees Church/Russell Springs 3515 KY-80 Russell Springs, KY 42642 - Sundays at 9amCT and 11amCT. Wednesdays at 7pmCT Contacts:, phone 866-387-3372.

3Trees Church/Campbellsville 1375 Hodgenville Road, Campbellsville, KY 42718 - Sundays at 9amET and 11amET. Contacts:

Old Concord Church 5996 Fairplay Road, Columbia, KY. Located 7 miles south of Columbia on KY on Scenic Highway Hwy. 704, 1 mile south of Fairplay, on east side of road. Sunday School 10:00amCT, Sunday Morning Worship 11:00am, Pastor, Bro. Pat Smith.

Pickett's Chapel Church 3047 Portland Road. 9:00am CT. Sunday School 9:45amCT. Sunday service 11:00amCT every Sunday morning. Evening service 6:00pmCT, 1st and 3rd Sunday nights. Wednesday Night Prayer service and Kings Kids, 6:30pmCT. Everybody welcome! Pastor, Roger McKinney. 270-378-6065. Church 270-378-5349.

Through The Fire Worship Center, 24 Burnett Road, Columbia KY, Service schedule: Sunday School at 9:30amCT. Worship at 10:30amCT. Sunday evening, 6pmCT. Wednesday Evening 6:30pmCT. Everyone is invited. - Gary Tucker, Pastor

Antioch Christian Life Ministries - Taylor County - 9635 New Columbia Road, Campbellsville, Ky 42718 (The Old Asbury Building). Pastor Jerald Bryant. Non-Denominational. Sunday worship at 10:30amET and 6:30pmET. Bible Study, Thursdays, 7:30pmET. Contact: Phone 270-380-1710. - Jerald Bryant

Berean Community Fellowship, 107 N. Reed St. Columbia KY 42728 - Sundays at 10:15amCT. Win, Disciple, Send. Pastor Kellis Booth

Carrying The Torch Ministries 415 Wain ST, Columbia, KY. Pastors Glenn and Tammy McInteer. Sunday morning worship 10amCT. Sunday evening 6pmCT, Thursday Bible Study Meeting, 6:30pmCT, Visit our website at (Audio on opening)

Grace Chapel Church West slope Nell Hill. Nell, KY. Hwy KY 80 12 miles west of Columbia, KY. Daniel Compton, pastor. Sunday School 9:45amCT. Sunday Morning Worship, 10:45amCT. Sunday Evening Worship 6pmCT. Wednesday service 6pmCT.

Great Oaks Ministries 165 Dry Creek Road, Roley (Casey Creek), KY. Worship: 11amCT. Wednesday service: 5:30pmCT. Contact Pastors Troy Long, and April Beard. at 270-789-3617.

Heartland Community Church Established 2004. Creekbend DR, Columbia, KY. Pastor Jaime Smith. Phone 384-5395. Worship: Sunday 10:00 a.m. Wednesday 6:00 p.m.

House Upon A Rock, Junction Hwy 55 & 1058, Jamestown, KY. Pastor Bro. Kerry W. Yates. Phone 270.384.6794. Sunday services at 9:45amCT and 6:30pmCT, Thursday at 6:30amCT Tuesday Intercessory Prayer.

Living By Faith Church 3041 Edmonton Road, Columbia, KY. Pastor, Bobby Withers. Sunday School, 9:30amCT. Sunday Worship Service, 10:30amCT. Sunday night 5:30pmCT. Wednesday night, 6:30pmCT. Easy access to parking. Handicap accessible. Newly renovated historic structure once home of Union Presbyterian Church and Gradyville United Methodist Church.

United House of Prayer 404 Jamestown ST, Columbia KY. Pastor Brother Don Taylor. Sunday school 10:00 a.m. Sunday Morning Worship 11:00 a.m. Sunday Evening Worship 6:30 p.m. Wednesday Evening 7pmCT

Word of Life Family Church Pastors Randy and Mesti Parnell. Phone 270.385.1925. Located at 906 Greensburg St. Columbia, KY. Sunday's at 10:30amCT (with Children's Church and Nursery) and 6pmCT. Wednesday's 7pmCT (with separate Youth Service).

Union Chapel Church 756 Union Church LN, Columbia, KY. Located off KY 768 near Glens Fork, KY. Brother Steve Bunch, Pastor 6:30pmCT, Friday Nights.10amCT, Sunday Mornings.

Red Lick Church, Inc. Red Lick Community, 3976 Mosby Ridge Road, Metcalfe County, KY. Pastor Larry Lemmon. Phone 270-384-4450. Sunday School 10amCT; Sunday worship service 11amCT. Photo by Chris Lagermann

Breeding Church 605 Breeding Loop. Breeding, KY. Pastor Larry Lemmon. Phone 270-384-4450. Sunday Service: 9:45 a.m.

Pentecostal Churches

Calvary Temple Church 88 New Concord Road. Columbia, KY (3 miles past Lindsey Wilson College on Liberty Road (HWY 206), Pastor, Bro. Troy McWhorter. Service Times: Sunday Morning: 10amCT; Sunday Evening: 6pmCT. Monday Evening: 7pmCT

Presbyterian USA Churches

Columbia-Union Presbyterian Church 304 Burkesville ST, Columbia, KY. Historic Downtown Columbia Church. Established 1827. Built of bricks fired in nearby kiln. Architecture similar to antebellum Protestant Churches of the South. Corner Burkesville and Church Streets. Sunday School 9:30amCT. Sunday worship 10:30amCT. Pastor Karen Russell.

Ebenezer Presbyterian Church - Green County near Adair & Taylor Counties, not far from Metcalfe, at 4171 Blowing Springs Road, Greensburg, KY. On KY 565 at the corner of Ebenezer Rd and Blowing Springs Rd. Sunday Worship Service- 8:45amCT. Sunday School 10amCT. Bible Study - 2nd and 4th Wednesday at 10pmCT. Easy access to parking. Handicap accessible. Established in 1799. or call 270-299-6683.

Seventh-day Adventist Churches

Columbia Seventh-Day Adventist Church 100 SDA Church Road, Columbia, KY Saturday Services: 10amCT Bible Study for all ages. 11amCT Worship Service. Fellowship Lunch 1st and 3rd week of each month. Wednesday: 6:30pmCT Prayer and Bible Study. Friday: 6pmCT Vespers Service -- Singing, games and story for all ages. For more information contact our Pastor or check out our website. Pastor Brian Hadley,, 270-384-6798.

United Methodist Churches (2024)

Columbia United Methodist Church 202 Burkesville St., Columbia, KY. Sunday School is at 9amCT (adult, children, and youth classes). Services are at 10amCT on Sunday Mornings, Women's Bible Study on Monday at 5:15pmCT, Tuesday Bible Study at 9:30amCT, Children & Youth on Wednesday at 6-7:30pmCT, and Young Adult Bible Study on Wednesday at 6:30pmCT. Join us; everyone is welcome! Rev. Ryan Boatright, Pastor; Telephone 270-384-2276; Office Hours are Monday-Thursday 9amCT to 1pmCT. You can find us on Facebook.

Asbury United Methodist Church 9600 New Columbia Road, Campbellsville, KY 42718. Pastor Jason Ropp. Phone 270-789-4111. Sunday Morning Worship Service 11amET. Sunday Evening Bible study, 7pmCT. Tuesday evenings, Celebrate Recovery 6:30pmET. Tuesday evenings, Celebration Place 6:30pmET (ages birth-12). Wednesday evenings, Children's Ministry JAM 6:30pmCT. Wednesday evenings Prayer. 6:30pmET. - Rejina Hillard, Ministry Associate

Emory Chapel United Methodist Church 1830 KY Highway 1952, Chance Community, Columbia, KY. Services Sunday morning at 9:30amCT. Wednesday night youth night 6pmCT. Friday night contemporary service 7pmCT. Richie Coomer, pastor. Everyone welcome.

Summershade United Methodist Church Just over in Green County on Russell Creek Road. Pastor Dennis Parrigin. Sunday School 10am. Sunday Worship 11amCT.

Formerly United Methodist Churches

Barnett's Creek Community Church Adair County. 1338 Barnett's Creek Road. Sunday: Sunday School 10amCT Sunday Worship 11amCT. Wednesday Bible Study 6:30pmCT. The church is located near the Pellyton Community on Barnett's Creek Road. Pastor, Bro. Steve Janes. 270-566-4722.

Campbellsville First Methodist Church 317 E. Main ST, Campbellsville, Taylor Co., KY. Phone 270-465-5951. email : A Global Methodist Church Congregation. Pastor: Rev. Adam Love. Sunday Services: 8:30amET, 11amET, 7pmET. Sunday School. 9:45amET. Wednesday Bible Study, 7pmET. Youth meet 6:30pmET, Wednesday. Children meet 6pmET, Sunday.

Coffey's Chapel United Methodist Church (Russell Co., KY). 3991 S. Hwy 76, Eli, KY. Pastor Bro. Roger Garner. Sunday morning: Sunday School 10amCT, Worship 11amCT. Sunday night evening worship:6pmCT. Wednesday night: 6pmCT.

Christie Chapel Church (on the Adair-Taylor Co. line) 8068 Elkhorn Road, Knifley, KY. Sunday Morning worship at 9:45amET with Sunday School at 10:45amET. Wednesday service at 6pmET. All service times are Eastern Standard. Everyone welcome! Contact information; Pastor Barry Bradshaw @ 270-566-2463

First United Methodist Church 206 Jamestown Street, Russell Springs, Russell County, KY. Sunday Services: Sunday School, 9:45amCT. Sunday Worship, 8:15am - 10:45amCT. Pastor Jim Kingry.

Glens Fork United Methodist Church 124 Hwy 900 Road, Columbia KY, Glens Fork community. Phone 270-343-3872. Sunday School at 10:00amCT, Worship at 11amCT. Wednesday at 6pmCT. Everyone welcome.

Grider's Chapel United Methodist Church Russell Co., 3127 Hwy 1058, Jamestown, KY, in the Bryan Community of Russell County, KY. W. Shane Frederick, pastor. Photo John E. Moss

Jones Chapel United Methodist Church 2267 Jones Chapel Road, Columbia, KY. Pastor Wayne Albertson, Sunday School at 9:30amCT. Worship at 10:30amCT. A musical church that loves worshiping God. Please feel free to join us.

Melson Ridge United Methodist Church 3082 Melson Ridge Road. In the Melson Ridge Community (Cundiff) of Adair County, KY.

Milltown United Methodist Church 3262 Milltown Church Road, on hill above Milltown, KY. Pastor Gary W. Daugherty Sunday School 10amCT. Sunday Worship 11amCT.

Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church 682 Mt. Carmel RD, Columbia, KY. Pastor, Brother David Kemp. Sunday School at 10amCT. Sunday Worship at 11amCT. Wednesday Prayer Meeting and Youth Ministry at 6:30pmCT. Everyone is welcome to come worship with us. Contact pastor: 270-465-0612, home; 270-501-0612, cell.

Pleasant Ridge United Methodist Church 1915 Keltnertown RD, Columbia, KY, in the Keltner Community of Adair County. Pastor Carl Edwards. Worship services each Sundays at 9amCT, with Sunday School following worship service. Wednesday nights at 6:30pmCT. (Pleasant Ridge Cemetery is at 1940 Keltnertown RD, Columbia, KY)

Pollard's Chapel United Methodist Church 2251 Sulphur Springs Road, Columbia, KY. Pastor Jadell Janes.

Soule Chapel United Methodist Church, Taylor County, KY. 680 Soule Chapel Road, Campbellsville, KY 42718. Founded 1866, present building was built in 1958. Sunday School 10amET, Worship 11amET. Fellowship Supper, Third Sunday nights 6pmET. Bro. Jon Loy, pastor. 270-805-805-1620. Photo by Janet Wilkerson

Tarters Chapel United Methodist Church 3400 Milltown RD, Columbia, KY. Brother Herbert Janes 270-378-5150. Services are Sunday School every Sunday at 10:00am CT. Preaching service at 11:00am CT every Sunday except 5th Sunday. Wednesday night services at 6:30pm CT. Everyone welcome.

Union Chapel United Methodist Church Russell Co., 999 Hwy 1058, Jamestown, KY. W. Shane Frederick, Pastor. Photo by Hare & Moss.

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