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KY Afield Outdoors: New Fishing Regulations for 2018

New rule on maximum size of catfish aimed at building trophy in Barren River Lake
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By Lee McClellan

Frankfort, KY - A reduction in the statewide daily creel limit from 30 fish to 20 fish for crappie highlights the new fishing regulations for 2018. The regulations go into effect March 1.

"Anglers requested this regulation," said Ron Brooks, director of Fisheries for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. "The amount of hours spent crappie fishing and the fishing pressure on crappie are increasing across the state. Crappie are popular to eat. Crappie anglers recognized the increase in fishing pressure and requested this regulation to protect the resource."

Concerns about fishing pressure on brown trout also prompted a reduction in the statewide daily creel limit and an increase in the minimum size limit for the coming fishing license year. Previously, the statewide daily creel limit on brown trout was three fish with a 12-inch minimum size limit. Beginning March 1, the statewide daily creel limit on brown trout will be one fish with a 16-inch minimum size limit.

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Cooperative dove field enrollment underway

Selected farmers can earn up to $10,000 per acre . . . and may plant sunflowers, millet or another acceptable crop for a public dove field by working with a Kentucky Fish and Wildlife private lands biologist and following some simple guidelines.
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By Lee McClellan
Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife

Frankfort, KY - Kentucky farmers can earn some much-needed extra cash by enrolling in the Cooperative Dove Field Program. Enrollment is underway and continues through March 1.

The Cooperative Dove Field Program pays landowners to lease fields on their property for public dove hunting.

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KY Afield Outdoors: 5th-highest deer harvest on record

By Kevin Kelly

Frankfort, KY - Looking at the total number of deer harvested by hunters in Kentucky during the 2017-18 season, it would appear nothing was out of the ordinary.

The season ended earlier this month. When it did, hunters had combined to take more than 136,000 deer across the state, making it the sixth consecutive season with a harvest total greater than 130,000 and the fifth highest total on record in Kentucky.

"I expected the harvest to be down a good bit, so I'm pleasantly surprised," said Gabe Jenkins, deer program coordinator with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. "It's the fifth highest harvest on record. The central and western parts of the state pretty much carried our harvest."

Indeed, harvest totals were up in the Bluegrass, Green River and Purchase regions compared to the 2016-17 season. Hunters in the Bluegrass Region reported taking more than 42,500 deer, but it was a county in the Purchase Region that led the state.

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KY Afield Outdoors: Excellent winter fishing at Cumberland

By Lee McClellan

Frankfort, KY - Consistency is a trait all anglers love in a body of water. Most lakes and rivers in Kentucky go through seasonal temperature swings that make fishing tough during the hottest and coldest months of the year.

The Cumberland River below Lake Cumberland fishes as consistently as any body of water in Kentucky. The water temperatures of the Cumberland River at Burkesville ranged from 55 degrees Dec. 11 to 53.5 degrees Dec. 14 to around 53 degrees Dec. 18.

"There is no reason not to do well in winter on the Cumberland tailwater as the water temperature is pretty controlled by Wolf Creek Dam," said Ron Brooks, director of Fisheries for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. "The fall and winter are the best time of year for big trout. As long as it is not too cold to be outside, anglers should do well."

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KY Afield Outdoors: Ideal Conditions for Waterfowl Seasons

By Lee McClellan

Frankfort, KY - The outlook for the upcoming waterfowl hunting seasons looks as promising as any seasons in recent memory.

"It is shaping up to be a phenomenal year," said John Brunjes, migratory bird coordinator for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. "We are still at all-time highs for duck numbers with as many breeding ducks as we've ever had. It's been that way for a couple of years now."

Brunjes said biologists conducted duck population counts along the Mississippi River in Illinois last week. They produced four times the normal number of birds counted. "Usually for the second week of November in Illinois, they see about 200,000 birds," he said. "They counted 800,000 birds along the Mississippi River last week and those birds are heading our way."

Waterfowl of all stripes are migrating through Kentucky right now. "We are seeing white-fronted geese and even tundra swans in southeast Kentucky," Brunjes said. "It is very rare. We have a ton of snow geese showing up in weird places this year. The birds are moving well this year."

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KY Afield Video: Coyote Hunting, Golf Ball Deer Skinning

KY Afield Outdoors November 11th, 2017 Full Show. On this week's show: helping out a farmer by hunting a coyote that has been harassing his livestock, showing you how to skin deer using a golf ball, and catching turtles from a farm pond.

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KY Afield Video: Double Doe Hunt, Wildlife Woodworking, Muskie

On this week's show: deer hunting and using a unique access to the deer stand, wildlife woodworking in Hardin County, and Fall muskie fishing at Cave Run Lake.

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KY Afield Video: Fishing Report for October 21, 2017

Fishing report for Green River Lake, Barren River Lake, and the Cumberland, Green, and Barren Rivers.

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KY Afield Outdoors: Productive Fall Spots to Bank Fish for Bass

By Lee McClellan

Frankfort, KY - The length of day relative to the time of year never changes. As the nights lengthen slightly with each passing day in fall, the overnight temperatures drop and pull heat from the top layers of lakes.

This development is already underway, but will peak over the next month and make excellent fishing conditions for black bass.

"The cooler, oxygenated water in the shallows draws baitfish and the bass follow to feed heavily," said Jeff Ross, assistant director of fisheries for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. "The shorter days signal to bass that winter is coming and they must feed heavily in fall."

The shallow movement of black bass, mainly largemouth bass, but a few spotted bass and even smallmouth on lakes that have them, presents the best bass fishing opportunities of the year for bank-bound anglers.

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KY Afield Video: Fishing Report for October 7, 2017

This week's report for the Soutwestern Fisheries District includes tips for Barren River Lake, Green River Lake, Cumberland River, Green River, and Barren River.

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KY Afield Video: 2017 Early Season Bow Hunt

Kentucky Afield host Chad Miles is in the woods and in a tree stand in search of venison to fill the freezer!

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Deer season arrives

By Kevin Kelly

Frankfort, KY - The morning air is crisp and comfortable. Dew blankets the grass and clings to spider webs that glisten as the sun's rays find them.

A late August taste of fall is enough to get any deer hunter excited with anticipation about what is around the corner.

The 2017-18 deer season opened on Saturday, Sept. 2 in Kentucky with the start of the 136-day archery season. The crossbow, youth gun, muzzleloader and modern gun seasons follow later this fall.

As bowhunters prepare to return to their tree stands, and others eagerly await their opportunities, there is plenty to feel good about. Last deer season, hunters reported taking more than 139,000 deer across Kentucky. It was the third highest harvest total on record and in line with the recent trend of record or near-record harvests. The overall harvest has averaged about 142,000 deer over the past five seasons in Kentucky.

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KY Afield Outdoors: Fishing With Landon Young and Kash Daniel

Kentucky Afield TV takes UK football players Landon Young and Kash Daniel bass fishing on a farm pond in Central Kentucky. Competition is not limited to the football field.

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KY Afield Outdoors: Positive Outlook for Dove Season

By Lee McClellan

Frankfort, KY - The morning fog we've seen a few times lately portends that fall hunting seasons are right around the corner. For many Kentuckians, the best time of year begins on Sept. 1, the traditional opener for dove season.

Dove hunting is a social event as old friends reunite while standing on the edge of a field, telling stories and keeping their eyes peeled for incoming birds. A plate of bacon wrapped grilled dove breasts finishes a great day afield.

"The good news is we had fewer violent storms this past summer, so dove reproduction was really good," said John Brunjes, migratory bird program coordinator for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. "It should be a good season this year. I expect a rebound from the past two seasons."

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New WMAs opening in Pulaski, Wayne, others

By Kevin Kelly
Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife

Frankfort, KY - The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources has opened more land for public use in Gallatin, Nicholas, Owen, Pulaski and Wayne counties.

Rockcastle River Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in eastern Pulaski County is the largest of the new WMAs and will offer hunters, anglers and wildlife watchers outstanding recreational opportunities.

The WMA abuts the Daniel Boone National Forest to the south and east. Two areas will remain closed while abandoned gas wells are being permanently sealed along Acorn-Ano Road and Buren Turner Road. No admittance signs, orange flagging and orange paint will mark the off-limits areas.

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    Posted: 2010-05-10, Story ID: 36819

  165. KY Afield will feature In the den with Black Bears this weekend
    Posted: 2010-02-25, Story ID: 35212

  166. KY Afield Outdoors:
    Tips on making property less attractive to bears

    Posted: 2010-01-28, Story ID: 34673

  167. KY Afield Outdoors: Youth deer season a time for patience
    Posted: 2009-10-08, Story ID: 32404

  168. KY AFIELD: Dale Hollow for largemouth bass
    Posted: 2009-01-24, Story ID: 27219

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