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  Birds of Kentucky
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Birds of KY: Says bird is Green Heron, not Kingfisher

Darryl Smith writes:
Bill, that's a Green Heron. The Kingfisher hunts from the air, and the Green Heron "fishes" from the shore or shallow water. I have both species visiting my pond from time to time. The Heron is known to sometimes use insects as bait to lure fish up close enough to catch. --Darryl Smith
Comments re photo 76889 Birds of KY Kingfisher on Sympson Lake by Bill Badgett

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Birds of KY: ID of Trilling Bird at Dawn in Fall, at Fairplay???

Charles Marshburn writes:
Trilling Bird Call in the Woods at Dawn. What could it be? Charles Marshburn
Good Question, Mr. Marshburn It's one which has me reaching for my Sibley's so often this morning. Maybe a junco or sparrow? Maybe one of these? Identifying bird sounds: Trilled songs of Eastern Birds? Would love to know. -Ew

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Jon Halsey: Male hummers have departed Knifley

Jon Halsey writes:
Our males have left. As usual, the females will stick around for probably another week. I think they're enjoying having the feeders to themselves without being driven off.

This weird weather may also play a factor I don't have a clue if they're triggered by weather or by length of the days, either way I don't think I'd be too keen of flying south over the Gulf just now. - Jon Halsey

Comments re article 92882 Maury asks When do hummingbirds leave our area

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Maury asks: When do hummingbirds leave our area?

Maury Lewis writes:
I have not seen a single hummer on my feeder today? When do they leave our area? --Maury Lewis
Thanks - Hope some hummingbird fancier can answer your question. Thanks for asking. It's likely on a lot of minds at this time of the year. - EW

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James Bost: Little brown birds almost always wrens

James Bost writes:
Little brown birds are almost always, but not quite always, wrens. --James Bost
Comments re photo 73713 Birds of Kentucky Little brown bird staying hidden

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Great American Backyard Birdcount is underway

By Wendy Butler Burt

What can you do on yet another snowy day when the roads are slippery and schools closed? You can participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count!

The bird count starts today, February 12 and concludes at the end of the day on Monday, February 15. It's a fabulous "citizen science" activity that helps scientists understand what is happening to bird populations in Adair County and around the world.

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Tony Rutherford: Dotty Thompson Nagel Cardinal a great photo

Tony Rutherford writes:
Great photo!!! Red birds are really pretty. Thanks for sharing. - Tony Rutherford
Comments re photo 64713 Birds of Kentucky Cedar tree protecting Cardinal. Photo by Dotty Thompson Nagel.

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Great American Bird Count is 12-13-14-15 Feb 2016

The Great American Bird Count, a favorite activity for many in this area, will be 12-13-14-15 Feb 2016 this year. Details on the Bird Count are at gbbc.birdcount

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Birds of KY: Sandhill Cranes expected at Barren River State Park

Barren River Hosting Sandhill Crane tours this winter. Nature Watch Weekends January 29-30 and February 5-6, 2016. If you go, the park is 49 minutes, 49.9 miles from Downtown Columbia, KY, according to Google Maps
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From Commonwealth News Center

LUCAS, KY - Barren River Lake State Resort Park,1149 State Park Road, Lucas, KY 42156, is offering its Nature Watch Weekends to view sandhill cranes as they migrate home to the north in January and February.

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Billy Joe Fudge: Gradyville Odd Bird is Diamond Dove

Billy Joe Fudge writes:
Well, I'm no expert in the field of bird identification but I've never allowed lack of expertise to restrain the voicing of my opinion before.

So, I'm gonna let'r fly, pun intended. In the Great Wooded South vernacular, "if that ain't a Diamond Dove, there ain't a cow in Texas or a bull to breed one"! --
Comments re photo 60107 Another view of Odd Bird of Gradyville Diamond Dove

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Woodpecker picture ID: It's Red-bellied Woodpecker

Comments re photo 59157 Birds of Kentucky Backyard Bird Count

Wendy Butler Burt writes:
This is a Red-bellied Woodpecker, not a Red-Headed Woodpecker --Wendy Butler Burt
Thanks, as always, Wendy Burt. The ID has been changed on the photo. - CM

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The Great American Bird Count starts at midnight

The Great Backyard Bird Count is February 13-14-15, 2015, It's been a popular tradition for many readers and Wendy Burt of the Adair County Garden Club sent a reminder to CM this morning that the GBBC starts at midnight. The website for the Great Backyard Birdcount is The Great Backyard Bird Count.

Instructions there are relative simple. We're not set up for the elaborate coverage of the event we've done in past years, nor will we have the simplified submissions offered in the past, and nearly constant updates, but we will welcome comments on the count as well as photo(s) local Bird Watchers send during the three day event, and thank. Contact: Wendy Burt at 270-634-0504.

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Witnessing a callous cowbird act

Bizarro Mother's Day event in Bird World
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By Ed Waggener

We didn't crab our cameras while the egg-napping was underway, we we all saw it and remembered recent postings about brood parasitic birds.

While enjoying a pleasant day and iced tea on the carporch at Tillie's House with Bob Chelf, Pen and Tom, we saw a gray bird fly up to one of at least four Wild Pet nests Teresa and Tom have let become a part of the family. It looked like a parental visit, but we notice that the bird flew out with a beautiful light blue egg, and left it in the grass.

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Birds of KY: Cowbird or Catbird? Vote is now Cowbird 4, Catbird 1

Comments re photo 54443 Birds of Kentucky: Identify this bird

Several suggestions for the ID of the most recent Mystery-to-us Bird have arrived at Birds of Kentucky/CM World HQ Bird Editor's Desk. The preponderance now is for Cowbird.

The latest update, is from John Halsey: Female Brown-Headed Cowbird. See Jon Halsey: The mystery bird is a cowbird Posted Sunday, April 20, 2014.

Four bird enthusiasts agree it is a cowbird. One suggests it's a catbird.

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