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  Healthy Lifestlyes by Kelli Bonifer
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BJ Hagy sends reminders of warnings on Fidget Spinners

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BJ HAGY writes:
A warning for these Fidget Spinners. See headline and link for this story: Mum warns parents of dangers of fidget spinners after 10-year-old daughter almost choked to death. One of the stories is at Read more at mum-warns-parents-of-dangers-of-fidget-spinners-after-10-year-old-daughter-almost-choked-to-death/story. - BJ HAGY
Thanks, BJ Hagy Entering "Fidget Spinner Safety" in a Google search brought up several stories about choking incidents when the toys broke apart and one of the spinning wheels or "bearings" came apart. There was a story from CNN on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 about the hazards. Some schools are banning them, some of the search returns said. - CM

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State Officials Hold Kentucky Zika Summit

Discuss current state of Zika virus threat and response measures
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By Barbara Fox and Beth Fisher
News from Commonwealth News Center

FRANKFORT, KY (May 11, 2017) - Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS) Secretary Vickie Yates Brown Glisson, Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture Ryan Quarles, representatives from the Kentucky Department for Public Health (DPH), renowned experts and response partners gathered in Lexington today for the 2017 Kentucky Zika Summit.

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Campbellsville HS to host blood drive - Fri 28 Apr 2017

By Calen McKinney, Public Information Officer
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Campbellsville High School, 230 W Main Street, Campbellsville, KY, will host a blood drive on Friday, April 28, 2017, from 7:30am-1pmCT/8:30am-2pmET. Kentucky Blood Center officials will be on hand to help students, teachers, staff members, parents and community members donate. The goal for the drive is to collect 25 blood donations. Donors must be at least 17 - 16 with parental consent - to be considered for donation. Those who wish to donate should check in at the office, and then make their way to Hamilton Auditorium. For more information, call 270-465-8774. Calen McKinney

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Celebrate Earth Day - Test Your Home for Radon

Many Areas of State Have High Levels of Radon

FRANKFORT, KY. - (Thu 20 Apr 2017) - As part of Earth Day 2017, the Kentucky Department for Public Health (DPH), within the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS), is helping to spread the word about the important role the environment plays in your health. DPH encourages Kentuckians to learn more about the potential health effects of radon exposure and how to check your home for this potentially dangerous gas.

"Earth Day is an excellent time to consider the environment, its impact on our health and hazards that may be in our own home," said CHFS Secretary Vickie Yates Brown Glisson. "Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer next to smoking and is prevalent in many areas of Kentucky. It's time we all learned a little more about radon, how to detect it in our home and what can be done if levels are elevated."

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Community Baby Fair is 18 Apr 2017 at ACES

there will be gift bags, door prizes and refreshments along with educational booths and speakers with valuable information on pregnancy, parenting and child safety.
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Debbie Cowan

Adair County parents with a baby less than six months old or those that are expecting a new baby are invited to attend the annual Community Baby Fair, 5pm-6:30pmCT, Tuesday, April 18, 2017, at Adair County Elementary School, 870 Indian Drive, Columbia, KY.

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Tuberculosis remains as a Serious Public Health Concern

TB Day is one of eight World Health Organization recognized observances
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By Doug Hogan & Beth Fisher
News from KY Cabinet for Health & Human Services

FRANKFORT, KY (24 Mar 2017) - As part of its ongoing work to educate the public about tuberculosis (TB) and prevent the spread of the disease, the Kentucky Department for Public Health (DPH), a part of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, is reminding Kentuckians that todaym Friday, March 24, 2017, is World TB Day.

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PTs suggests conservative treatment for opioid overuse

The American Physical Therapy Association has launched a national campaign called #ChoosePT to raise awareness about the risks of opioids and the choice of physical therapy as a safe alternative for long- term pain management.

By Jeffrey Buis, PTA & Kyle Salsbury, PT, DPT
Personal Commentary

Making the Choice: Physical Therapy Over Opioids "Physical therapy and other conservative treatments should always be considered first before medication or surgery." And "Don't put anything into your body that's not good for you and don't have surgery unless it is the last resort with all others treatments having been exhausted."

These sound like something our grandparents would have told us, being just good common sense.

It is not a secret that all medications have side effects. This begs the question: Why choose opioid pain killers when physical therapy may be a viable option?

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Amy Mouser will speak to Adair County Caregivers 1 Feb 2017

Respiratory Therapist Amy Mouser will be the guest speaker at the Adair County Caregivers Support Group meeting starting at 11amCT, Wednesday, February 1, 2017, at the Adair County Extension Building, 409 Fairground Street, Columbia, KY. Her presentation will information for caregivers on patients with respiratory diseases. She will answer questions about breathing challenges, nebulizers, CPAP machines, and provide handouts to take home. The meeting is sponsored by HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital. Contact Betty Judd at 270-576-3325. - Betty Judd, HealthSouth Rehabilitation

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Cold weather increases risk for carbon monoxide poisoning

Generators, heating and cooking devices can be deadly

By Barbara Fox/Beth Fisher

Frankfort, KY - As temperatures drop and the risk for carbon monoxide poisoning increases, Kentuckians are urged to be aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning due to improper use of heating or cooking devices.

Items such as kerosene or propane gas stoves and ovens have been used as alternative heat sources indoors, sometimes with tragic results. Since these devices emit a colorless, odorless gas called carbon monoxide as a by-product, improper use can lead to severe cases of carbon monoxide poisoning. The Kentucky Department for Public Health (DPH), which is part of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS) advises Kentuckians to follow these steps taken from guidelines issued by the National Center for Environmental Health to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning:

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Are you at risk for pre-diabetes or being treated for diabetes?

Information from this conference and at these links may be just right to help your family at the start of the new year.

By Linda Waggener

The Adair County WATCH Coalition ended its year with a potluck and a review of the annual Appalachian Diabetes Coalition meetings in Gatlinburg, TN. As a communications member of the group I was privileged to be the Coalition representative at the conference in October.

The messages from all the participating counties and states about pre-diabetes, type two diabetes and our serious health risks are urgent.

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Dept. of Public Health issues Zika warning to holiday travelers

Zika virus outbreaks continue at warm-weather vacation destinations - precautions urged. DPH urges pregnant women, those who might be pregnant and their sex partners to avoid traveling to areas with ongoing Zika virus transmission.
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By Barbara Fox and Beth Fisher
News from KY Cabinet for Health & Family Services

FRANKFORT, KY (6 Dec 2016) - As mosquito season comes to an end and the holiday and winter travel season begins, the Kentucky Department for Public Health (DPH), within the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, urges pregnant women, those who might be pregnant and their sex partners to avoid traveling to areas with ongoing Zika virus transmission.

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MSC Men's Soccer Title Match: CU 5. LWC 3

Campbellsville men's soccer wins first-ever Mid-South Conference Tournament title with shootout over Lindsey Wilson, at Jim Ross Field at Warren East High School, before crowd of 216.

By Richard RoBards
News from Campbellsville University

BOWLING GREEN, KY -- Sixth-ranked Campbellsville University dodged bullets all night long, but it was a missile by Yudai Yamauchi in a shootout after 110 minutes of scoreless soccer that gave the Tigers their first Mid-South Conference Tournament Championship tonight at Warren East High School's Jim Ross Field.

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Q.: Can TJ Health/Columbia admit directly to TJ Glasgow?

Packer writes:
We see the TJ here in Columbia, do the doctors here work for the hospital in Glasgow ? If I have a medical problem that requires surgery or hospital admission do these Columbia doctors have direct access to get me admitted to TJ hospital in Glasgow? - Packer
Thanks I feel certain the Columbia doctors have access - not sure of how direct - to get you admittted to TJ Hospital in Glasgow. We'll appreciate any clarification from TJ staff if not. - EW

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TJ Health Fair is today, Sat 22 Oct 2016,

By Linda Waggener

TJ Health Columbia will have a community health fair today, Saturday, October 22 from 7amCT to 11amCT at TJ Health Columbia ai 901 Westlake Drive in Columbia, KY. The TJ Health Columbia Health Fair is made possible with support from the Good Samaritan Foundation and the Lindsey Wilson College Nursing Division.

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Healthful Living Cooking Class Thurs 20 Oct

A Healthful Living Cooking Class will be offered free of charge at 6pmCT, Thursday, October 20, , and will be held every four weeks, at Joy Resource Center, 212 Public Square, Columbia, KY. Participants may enter from the Public Square or on the Ground Floor behind the building. Everyone is welcome to come to the free classes. The speakers will be providing health information and samples of delicious food. Contact: - Alma Jackson, 270-634-1910 or 270-378-4495. -

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  145. 'Organ Donor' designation to be available on driver's license
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  146. CWC has $500 goal for fight against leukemia
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  147. Pain clinic owner arrested in Springfield, KY
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  148. Health Solutions will open Monday, January 7, 2013
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  150. Baseball Banquet at Roadside Park, June 11, 2010
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  151. Major Leaguer Josh Anderson speaks at Columbia Baptist
    Posted: 2009-12-02, Story ID: 33539

  152. Adair takes over No. 2 spot in 7-county 2009 deer hunt
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  153. LWC Men's Soccer wins MSC Tournament Championship
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  154. LWC Wrestling finishes 2nd at Patriot open
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    Posted: 2006-03-28, Story ID: 13624

  169. Poison Prevention at Home is theme of Kelli Bonifer's Extension News
    Posted: 2006-03-21, Story ID: 13572

  170. Improvement in health habits is a growing trend in Adair County
    Posted: 2005-10-26, Story ID: 12554

  171. Adair Countians get moving as state focuses on health
    Posted: 2005-04-01, Story ID: 11802

  172. Anyone can join ''Get Moving Adair County!'' in March
    Posted: 2005-02-25, Story ID: 11694

  173. Eliminate mold by controling moisture
    Posted: 2004-07-04, Story ID: 11180

  174. Overweight children at more risk for major diseases
    Posted: 2004-03-27, Story ID: 11072

  175. Flu symptoms could be caused by food germs
    Posted: 2003-10-12, Story ID: 10903

  176. Cool off with a salad -- but keep it germ free
    Posted: 2003-08-15, Story ID: 10802

  177. Recipe corner: Red Potato Salad
    Posted: 2003-07-13, Story ID: 10746

  178. June is Mens Health Month
    Posted: 2003-06-24, Story ID: 10719

  179. Body and mind benefit from regular exercise
    Posted: 2003-05-23, Story ID: 10662

  180. Healthy Lifestyles by Kelli Bonifer
    Posted: 2003-04-29, Story ID: 10630

  181. How to win the weight game
    Posted: 2003-04-03, Story ID: 10588

  182. Healthy Lifestyles by Kelli Bonifer
    Posted: 2003-03-22, Story ID: 10580

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