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  1. Doug McCammish: Accurate diagnosis at WRH saved his life, too
    Posted: 2015-07-01, Story ID: 76168

  2. Jon Halsey: On yet another Veterans Bypass fatality
    Posted: 2015-06-27, Story ID: 76111

  3. Billy Joe Fudge: Thanks, Rob Wilkerson and Junior Stotts
    Posted: 2015-06-25, Story ID: 76062

  4. Robt. Cumming: Turning lanes great for Russell Co. Greenhills shortcut
    Posted: 2015-06-23, Story ID: 76037

  5. RRW: Great - if interest in local government matched Countdown
    Posted: 2015-06-23, Story ID: 76020

  6. School Countdown: Leave it the way it is
    Posted: 2015-06-22, Story ID: 76000

  7. Guy Babin Movement gains strength: Another against countdown
    Posted: 2015-06-19, Story ID: 75950

  8. Writer says Grass clippings discharged on roads a hazard
    Posted: 2015-06-18, Story ID: 75934

  9. Harry Mack addresses road hazards for bikers
    Posted: 2015-06-18, Story ID: 75928

  10. Jamey Hayes comments on eliminating tax revenue allocations
    Posted: 2015-06-18, Story ID: 75927

  11. Wonders why it's taking six weeks for culvert project
    Posted: 2015-06-14, Story ID: 75862

  12. Peggy Fudge: Intersection needs more than double lights
    Posted: 2015-06-14, Story ID: 75859

  13. Hopes Fairground/C-ville intersection open by Fair Time
    Posted: 2015-06-14, Story ID: 75853

  14. Senator Max Wise: Courage and Heroism
    Posted: 2015-06-11, Story ID: 75793

  15. If semi had believed signs, problem would not have occurred
    Posted: 2015-06-09, Story ID: 75767

  16. Congratulations to Trail Town USA initiative committee
    Posted: 2015-06-09, Story ID: 75759

  17. Lorne Holler, from Florida, agrees with B. Armitage
    Posted: 2015-05-31, Story ID: 75607

  18. The construction interruption: What isn't marked is the detour
    Posted: 2015-05-31, Story ID: 75605

  19. Letter: Writer cites a pattern in gas pricing
    Posted: 2015-05-31, Story ID: 75599

  20. Watching the recanvass: Comment on Jefferson Co rapid results
    Posted: 2015-05-28, Story ID: 75546

  21. George Rice: Peg Schaeffer must be angel to all animals
    Posted: 2015-05-24, Story ID: 75450

  22. Vicky Pike: Glad to see something done at intersection
    Posted: 2015-05-23, Story ID: 75437

  23. Maury Lewis suggest Lampton Park behind Photo Video
    Posted: 2015-05-19, Story ID: 75347

  24. Citizen Vicky Pike reminds Kentuckians to vote
    Posted: 2015-05-18, Story ID: 75335

  25. Thought for the Day: from Marcia Shuffett
    Posted: 2015-05-16, Story ID: 75300

  26. Charles Marshburn sees need for four stop lights on Square
    Posted: 2015-05-16, Story ID: 75293

  27. Jackson Brower: Revenge time after squirrels damage 2 F-150s
    Posted: 2015-05-16, Story ID: 75290

  28. SBDM Elections are opportunity to wield real power in the school
    Posted: 2015-05-08, Story ID: 75129

  29. Charles Marshburn echoes skepticism re: Board of Elections
    Posted: 2015-05-08, Story ID: 75124

  30. Writer supports AC Fire Department decision on fire dues/tax bill
    Posted: 2015-05-07, Story ID: 75092

  31. Voice in Wilderness sends welcome for Columbia FD, Ladder One
    Posted: 2015-05-06, Story ID: 75059

  32. Shannon Sexton: Entire mayoral election issue is bizarre
    Posted: 2015-04-30, Story ID: 74927

  33. Jon Halsey: Outrage now is over Election Board refusal to explain
    Posted: 2015-04-30, Story ID: 74916

  34. Marsha Walker: Judge Vance did research; made right decision
    Posted: 2015-04-28, Story ID: 74875

  35. Sally Kemp: What does having money have to do with it?
    Posted: 2015-04-28, Story ID: 74858

  36. Rickie Williams: Joyce Rodgers is good people
    Posted: 2015-04-28, Story ID: 74855

  37. Marcia Shuffett: Dr. Arnold acted after citizens told him of issues
    Posted: 2015-04-28, Story ID: 74854

  38. Jamie Isabelle comments on the Mayor's Race
    Posted: 2015-04-28, Story ID: 74851

  39. Jon Halsey: Comments on Board of Elections
    Posted: 2015-04-27, Story ID: 74850

  40. Amy Pike: Many unanswered questions on decision by Election Board
    Posted: 2015-04-27, Story ID: 74845

  41. Charles Marshburns: Comment on Jon Halsey commentary
    Posted: 2015-04-27, Story ID: 74836

  42. Charles Marshburn: Thanks Ben Arnold for procedures article
    Posted: 2015-04-27, Story ID: 74835

  43. AMY PIKE: Board of Elections obligated to inform public about decision
    Posted: 2015-04-26, Story ID: 74831

  44. Writer: Would have expected statement from Board of Elections
    Posted: 2015-04-24, Story ID: 74789

  45. John Campbell: Comments on inmates working on right-of-ways
    Posted: 2015-04-24, Story ID: 74782

  46. Whoop de doo: Are concerns proportional to importance?
    Posted: 2015-04-23, Story ID: 74761

  47. Jon Halsey: Majority of Board of Election are elected officials
    Posted: 2015-04-22, Story ID: 74748

  48. One of Gadberry's Mayors clearifies stand on taxes
    Posted: 2015-04-22, Story ID: 74735

  49. Tiffany Kessler: Time for a good old-fashioned town hall meeting
    Posted: 2015-04-20, Story ID: 74691

  50. Mary Ann Brown: More patrols, video cameras needed
    Posted: 2015-04-20, Story ID: 74676

  51. Heather Evans: Rumble strips and lower speed, if that will help
    Posted: 2015-04-19, Story ID: 74673

  52. The Bypass safety issue: What really can be done?
    Posted: 2015-04-19, Story ID: 74670

  53. Darrell Overstreet comments on coverage
    Posted: 2015-04-18, Story ID: 74655

  54. Billy Joe Fudge: Is Columbia mayorless? And other questions
    Posted: 2015-04-17, Story ID: 74645

  55. Jon Halsey: On magazine's service to community
    Posted: 2015-04-17, Story ID: 74642

  56. Mark Hale comments on paying fire dues with tax bill
    Posted: 2015-04-17, Story ID: 74634

  57. Jon Halsey comments on proposed fire dues ordinance
    Posted: 2015-04-17, Story ID: 74630

  58. Writer says drivers haven't learned, even after tragedy
    Posted: 2015-04-15, Story ID: 74580

  59. Billy Joe Fudge: Streams are living, breathing ecosystems
    Posted: 2015-04-15, Story ID: 74575

  60. Guy Babin: Center of Adair Co.? - Gradyville, Paradise, USA
    Posted: 2015-04-13, Story ID: 74523

  61. V. Kolbenschlag haiku: Caring about impressions
    Posted: 2015-04-12, Story ID: 74508

  62. Ed Pipalski: Constitutional challenge to new City tax law
    Posted: 2015-04-10, Story ID: 74477

  63. Commentary: Is Russell Creek a trash can?
    Posted: 2015-04-07, Story ID: 74412

  64. Sammy Kassem comments on gravel and and flooding
    Posted: 2015-04-07, Story ID: 74409

  65. Marsha Walker cites roadway drop-offs in Columbia, KY.
    Posted: 2015-04-06, Story ID: 74404

  66. Creek Gravel and the government
    Posted: 2015-04-06, Story ID: 74387

  67. Rickie Williams: On highway safety, progress & steps backward
    Posted: 2015-04-06, Story ID: 74386

  68. Charles Marshburn offers this 'solvation' for bypass dilemma
    Posted: 2015-04-04, Story ID: 74356

  69. Dr. Ben Arnold: On tree debris and gravel harvesting
    Posted: 2015-04-03, Story ID: 74347

  70. Jon Halsey: Mark Hale is absolutely right
    Posted: 2015-04-03, Story ID: 74335

  71. Mark Hale writes a solution to Russell Creek problems
    Posted: 2015-04-03, Story ID: 74334

  72. Marsha Walker agrees lights are hard to see in daytime
    Posted: 2015-04-02, Story ID: 74317

  73. T. Neal: Fixing the Intersection
    Posted: 2015-04-02, Story ID: 74294

  74. Ralph Waggener: A little common sense, not money, needed on the bypass
    Posted: 2015-04-01, Story ID: 74272

  75. Bypass Issue: Maybe yellow caution light time should be longer
    Posted: 2015-03-31, Story ID: 74230

  76. Jennifer Parker: Thinks embankment needs to be cut down
    Posted: 2015-03-30, Story ID: 74209

  77. Something about this intersection requires an intervention
    Posted: 2015-03-29, Story ID: 74207

  78. Says families of Bypass Fatalities would say Shut it Down
    Posted: 2015-03-29, Story ID: 74204

  79. How many have to die at the Bypass intersections . . .
    Posted: 2015-03-29, Story ID: 74197

  80. Vonnie Kolbenschlag: Every word has a history
    Posted: 2015-03-28, Story ID: 74182

  81. Survivor of 2014 collision suggests safety improvements
    Posted: 2015-03-28, Story ID: 74180

  82. Commentary: That's a person on that bike in front of you
    Posted: 2015-03-26, Story ID: 74121

  83. Vehicle accident reports should include cell phone use
    Posted: 2015-03-25, Story ID: 74091

  84. Shellie Hornback: A little consideration, please
    Posted: 2015-03-19, Story ID: 74008

  85. Jon Halsey: Comment on Dr. Arnold's newest invention
    Posted: 2015-03-19, Story ID: 73997

  86. Dr. Arnold to seek patent on invention - secure voting machine
    Posted: 2015-03-19, Story ID: 73995

  87. Joyce Turner comments on trophies
    Posted: 2015-03-16, Story ID: 73928

  88. Guy Babin: Comment on Mitzi Bault photo editorial
    Posted: 2015-03-08, Story ID: 73798

  89. Peggy Fudge: Well said, BJF, on Mayoral Contest trial
    Posted: 2015-03-08, Story ID: 73787

  90. Billy Joe Fudge: Comment of City Mayoral Election issues
    Posted: 2015-03-08, Story ID: 73784

  91. Robert Cumming: Despicable crime at Sand Lick
    Posted: 2015-03-03, Story ID: 73640

  92. Jon Halsey: Maybe it's time to rethink the academic year
    Posted: 2015-02-24, Story ID: 73477

  93. Thanks!!! Adair County Search and Rescue
    Posted: 2015-02-18, Story ID: 73264

  94. New snow and it's eerily quiet, even for 4:10amCT
    Posted: 2015-02-18, Story ID: 73255

  95. A way to thank the folks who have to go out in this stuff
    Posted: 2015-02-17, Story ID: 73231

  96. Jon Halsey applauds idea of old hospital for VA clinic
    Posted: 2015-02-14, Story ID: 73128

  97. Senator Max Wise's Weekly Legislative Update - 13 Feb 1015
    Posted: 2015-02-14, Story ID: 73116

  98. Ralph's Comments about VA Clinic are not so out of order
    Posted: 2015-02-14, Story ID: 73115

  99. Kenny Absher: Local library best entity taxpayers pay for
    Posted: 2015-02-13, Story ID: 73111

  100. RRW: On Brian Williams, stupid should not be a career ender
    Posted: 2015-02-09, Story ID: 73036

  101. RRW Comment on NBC Newsman Bryan Williams
    Posted: 2015-02-08, Story ID: 73025

  102. Wise Week: Sen. Max Wise's legislative report 6 Feb 2015
    Posted: 2015-02-07, Story ID: 72994

  103. Billy Joe Fudge comments on contested Mayoral election
    Posted: 2015-02-05, Story ID: 72967

  104. Bryant Stockton: Super Blues and Mod Hippie Fests
    Posted: 2015-02-01, Story ID: 72889

  105. Ben Arnold: Favors removal of big commercial light poles
    Posted: 2015-01-30, Story ID: 72854

  106. Cites danger on Crocus Creek off Melson Ridge RD, Adair Co., KY
    Posted: 2015-01-30, Story ID: 72838

  107. Adair Democratic Executive Committee: remembering Sen. Ford
    Posted: 2015-01-25, Story ID: 72728

  108. Near miss at KY 61 S, Bypass: 1 second ahead of certain tragedy
    Posted: 2015-01-25, Story ID: 72726

  109. Dave Rosenbaum: Mr. Fudge wrote very, very good article
    Posted: 2015-01-16, Story ID: 72538

  110. Thanks for caring enough to bury dog killed by vehicle
    Posted: 2015-01-15, Story ID: 72510

  111. Getting the House in Order Focus of First Week of 2015 Session
    Posted: 2015-01-09, Story ID: 72389

  112. Victoria Pike: Wild swings in gas prices just aren't right
    Posted: 2015-01-08, Story ID: 72373

  113. Daryl Branham: Amen to Ralph and Ben! on transparency
    Posted: 2015-01-07, Story ID: 72346

  114. Ben Arnold: A second to Ralph's applaud for CJE Mike Stephens
    Posted: 2015-01-07, Story ID: 72329

  115. Victoria Pike: 30 cent/gallon price run-up in one day wrong
    Posted: 2015-01-07, Story ID: 72320

  116. Jon Halsey: Artificial manipulation of Law of Supply & Demand has consequences
    Posted: 2014-12-30, Story ID: 72192

  117. Scorpt722: No blame to Obama for current gas price
    Posted: 2014-12-30, Story ID: 72185

  118. Joyce Coomer: Advice on gun safety
    Posted: 2014-12-25, Story ID: 72114

  119. Jamie Isabelle comment: New mayor election
    Posted: 2014-12-24, Story ID: 72083

  120. Joyce Coomer commentary on birds and solar power
    Posted: 2014-12-22, Story ID: 72037

  121. Reader urges all to remember those who have lost loved ones
    Posted: 2014-12-22, Story ID: 72034

  122. Gas Drum Beat: Columbia 10 cents lower than Somerset city
    Posted: 2014-12-15, Story ID: 71883

  123. Vicky Compton: The voting process has to be fair
    Posted: 2014-11-21, Story ID: 71376

  124. Rickie Williams: Understands about absences for death, illness
    Posted: 2014-11-21, Story ID: 71367

  125. Pamela Farr: Very proud of our band
    Posted: 2014-11-17, Story ID: 71261

  126. Ralph Waggener: Big Pencil should stay as long as it can
    Posted: 2014-11-14, Story ID: 71168

  127. BJF: Mayoral leadership, vote of people, could stop Payroll Tax
    Posted: 2014-11-04, Story ID: 70914

  128. Comment on Columbia, KY's BIG Pencil
    Posted: 2014-10-31, Story ID: 70809

  129. Billy Joe Fudge Commentary: Tuesday is Election Day
    Posted: 2014-10-31, Story ID: 70801

  130. Election 04 Nov 2014: Writer has questions for jailer candidates
    Posted: 2014-10-22, Story ID: 70606

  131. Joyce Coomer on Celia Downey article: Concise and to the point
    Posted: 2014-10-20, Story ID: 70542

  132. Celia Downey: Bringing jobs issue down to earth
    Posted: 2014-10-19, Story ID: 70533

  133. Charles Marshburn: Have intelligent reason for your vote
    Posted: 2014-10-17, Story ID: 70481

  134. AMEN, Dr. Arnold - Eric Goodin writes
    Posted: 2014-10-17, Story ID: 70477

  135. Mike Newton: (Payroll) tax will bring hardship to a lot of folks
    Posted: 2014-10-16, Story ID: 70465

  136. Taft Neal comments on city's new payroll tax
    Posted: 2014-10-07, Story ID: 70250

  137. Shannon Rowe: Memories of best friend, Capt. Tony Grider
    Posted: 2014-09-22, Story ID: 69893

  138. CJE Ann Melton responds to Bill Henson on road funds issue
    Posted: 2014-09-21, Story ID: 69891

  139. Ralph Waggener: Bam Carney grandstanding at its best
    Posted: 2014-09-21, Story ID: 69887

  140. Dr. Smith wonders why Rep. Carney pushes unqualified roads
    Posted: 2014-09-21, Story ID: 69873

  141. Recognizing our Vietnam War Veterans on the 50th Anniversary
    Posted: 2014-09-18, Story ID: 69829

  142. Writer, re Payroll Tax: Income taxes are sticky, live forever
    Posted: 2014-09-17, Story ID: 69797

  143. Joyce Coomer: Seven questions on the Payroll Tax
    Posted: 2014-09-13, Story ID: 69732

  144. Ralph Waggener: We need more jobs for working class, too
    Posted: 2014-09-12, Story ID: 69705

  145. Agrees, mostly, with Dr. Ben Arnold on The Payroll Tax, jobs
    Posted: 2014-09-11, Story ID: 69682

  146. Comment on the proposed Columbia payroll tax
    Posted: 2014-09-04, Story ID: 69532

  147. Tiffany Kessler urges warm welcome for Rep. Whitfield
    Posted: 2014-09-03, Story ID: 69513

  148. Joyce Coomer: Sympathy for owner of a cat named Katie
    Posted: 2014-08-25, Story ID: 69357

  149. Mary Ann Brown, comments on concrete pillars
    Posted: 2014-08-24, Story ID: 69323

  150. Joyce Coomer: On driving Bypass/Highway 55 South intersection
    Posted: 2014-08-09, Story ID: 69016

  151. Disagrees with BJF for calling thoughtless driver 'gentleman'
    Posted: 2014-08-08, Story ID: 68986

  152. Joyce Coomer: Taught to take responsibility for own safety
    Posted: 2014-08-07, Story ID: 68968

  153. Ed Pipalski: Answer to last John Ford statement
    Posted: 2014-08-04, Story ID: 68901

  154. Jon Halsey on Somerset Mayor's statement on city gas sales
    Posted: 2014-08-03, Story ID: 68886

  155. Ed Pipalski: Price objectors could open own gas stations
    Posted: 2014-08-03, Story ID: 68876

  156. John Ford: Local government sometimes has to take initiative
    Posted: 2014-08-02, Story ID: 68867

  157. John Ford: Offers own solution to problem of high gas prices
    Posted: 2014-08-02, Story ID: 68866

  158. Tired of higher gasoline prices here: She buys out of town
    Posted: 2014-08-02, Story ID: 68851

  159. Sue Stivers Commentary: Thoughts are the Seeds Of Reality
    Posted: 2014-07-31, Story ID: 68810

  160. Invest In Adair County: Buy Local
    Posted: 2014-07-30, Story ID: 68790

  161. Billy Joe Fudge: Formula for a bright and successful future
    Posted: 2014-07-28, Story ID: 68738

  162. A Walkable City would be huge win for Economic Development
    Posted: 2014-07-27, Story ID: 68731

  163. USMC training fantastic opportunity for young men
    Posted: 2014-07-22, Story ID: 68660

  164. Billy Joe Fudge: Fun center entrance design commendable
    Posted: 2014-07-14, Story ID: 68521

  165. Chris Knifley: On understanding a writer's intentions
    Posted: 2014-07-08, Story ID: 68409

  166. Lou Ann Gore: Kudos to the City of Somerset
    Posted: 2014-06-10, Story ID: 67835

  167. Billy Joe Fudge: Two deaths on the Square is two, too many
    Posted: 2014-06-02, Story ID: 67689

  168. Joyce Coomer: Traffic on the square
    Posted: 2014-06-02, Story ID: 67685

  169. Thoughts: - Bounce back from adversity
    Posted: 2014-05-30, Story ID: 67620

  170. Jamie Isabelle: What really matters on Memorial Day
    Posted: 2014-05-26, Story ID: 67540

  171. Saddened by decision to hold School on Memorial Day
    Posted: 2014-05-24, Story ID: 67516

  172. Gas Price Drumbeat: What is with Columbia?
    Posted: 2014-05-21, Story ID: 67447

  173. Agriculture Commissioner James Comer: Enough is enough
    Posted: 2014-05-17, Story ID: 67365

  174. Chris Oliver: Local laws affect how I spend my money
    Posted: 2014-05-02, Story ID: 67059

  175. Ralph Waggener: Wet or Dry?
    Posted: 2014-04-24, Story ID: 66900

  176. Doesn't think industrial jobs have grown by C-ville being moist
    Posted: 2014-04-24, Story ID: 66890

  177. Shannon Sexton: Quality of Life high factor for industry location
    Posted: 2014-04-23, Story ID: 66882

  178. Andrew Cowan: Jobs more important issue than Wet/Dry vote
    Posted: 2014-04-23, Story ID: 66872

  179. Mother of child with food allergy concerned about menu choices
    Posted: 2014-04-17, Story ID: 66742

  180. Wet/Dry Petition: Writer says it's positive move for Adair
    Posted: 2014-04-16, Story ID: 66726

  181. John Chowning comments on what happens to pinwheels
    Posted: 2014-04-11, Story ID: 66600

  182. More speeding, noise pollution in this town, writer says
    Posted: 2014-04-06, Story ID: 66494

  183. Jarrett Miller: Alcohol sales not prevented by limiting where sold
    Posted: 2014-03-31, Story ID: 66360

  184. Martha Berry: One of nice things about Columbia is that it's dry
    Posted: 2014-03-30, Story ID: 66353

  185. Billy Joe Fudge comments on the Hunter Durham issue
    Posted: 2014-03-30, Story ID: 66345

  186. Commentary: Public education saddled with parenting chores
    Posted: 2014-03-22, Story ID: 66162

  187. Rep. John 'Bam' Carney: Roads, the budget, and politics
    Posted: 2014-03-21, Story ID: 66149

  188. Barry Jones latest volunteer to help implement Trail Town idea
    Posted: 2014-03-16, Story ID: 66033

  189. Brandon Thompson: In defense of Columbia/Adair County
    Posted: 2014-03-07, Story ID: 65862

  190. Kathryn Miller: Others are standing up for change and progress
    Posted: 2014-03-07, Story ID: 65858

  191. Cynthia A. Meyer: Understands Kathryn Miller's point
    Posted: 2014-03-06, Story ID: 65837

  192. Kathryn Miller: Will continue to speak out for change
    Posted: 2014-03-05, Story ID: 65808

  193. Ken Hill: My two cents worth on snow removal
    Posted: 2014-03-05, Story ID: 65789

  194. State and County road crews doing great work
    Posted: 2014-03-03, Story ID: 65729

  195. Peggy Fudge: Different libraries have different, unique needs
    Posted: 2014-02-26, Story ID: 65580

  196. Ed Pipalski proposes consolidating public library administrations
    Posted: 2014-02-25, Story ID: 65565

  197. Public libraries offer valuable educational experiences for all
    Posted: 2014-02-25, Story ID: 65555

  198. Visits: When we were all a community
    Posted: 2014-02-21, Story ID: 65475

  199. Troubling Vandalism at Joe Johnson Park
    Posted: 2014-02-20, Story ID: 65454

  200. Sheriff says simple sign will stop unwanted political soliciting
    Posted: 2014-02-20, Story ID: 65449

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