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Joyce Coomer: Vigilance can prevent some things

Written in response to recent school tragedies, the advice to be vigilant works so many situations it should be the first step taken. After all, it costs so little and yields so much more safety. - EW
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By Joyce Coomer

Vigilance is one of the most needed things these days. I was taught to be vigilant by my parents. Being vigilant has several times helped me avoid having an accident while driving.

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Kudos to Hardee's of Columbia for drive through receptacle

She's warming up to the chain because of act of civic responsibility, installing a trash receptacle for drive through customers. The act is ending a brief - just 25 year - feud and her family's boycott, which began in the mountains when a manager once told her husband the trash blowing around was "Good Advertising."
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By Diane R Wallace Kudos to Hardee's! This Photo and Caption was a pleasant surprise to me. In my opinion, they deserve this recognition.

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An open letter to the Mayor and Columbia City Council

A plea for attention to special needs on Oak Street, which connects Campbellsville Street and Sandusky Street to Wain Street and Fairground Street, in a growing fast-changing part of Columbia
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By Ralph Roy Waggener, Personal Commentary
Editor, Just for A Smile

Oak Street is a narrow path made into a street from the old Sandusky Mill property.

Oak Street has places on it that two cars can't pass when meeting each other.

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Sign may have to finally be addressed in dark of night

Comments re photo 76648 Tourism Commission will take on this sign project
Doug McCammish writes:
Sue and I tried to figure out how to get rid of that sign at least 10 years ago and had all the same issues - property owner, etc. Probably 6-8 strong men and a chainsaw in the dark of the night would work. - Doug McCammish
Doug, when I read your note all I could say was, "Well, I'll be," or in abbreviations Hunter Durham style, "L. i. B." If I replied in emoji-speak it would be the little face that demonstrates dismay/shock.

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Pedestrian/driver commends two Adair School bus drivers

Drivers showed concern for writer's & sister's safety
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By Sandy Evert

While downtown yesterday my sister and I had the privilege of encountering two of our school bus drivers: Mr. Jerry Powell, bus #12 and Mr. Steve Foster, bus #8. I know their names this morning after calling Mr. David Jones at the transportation department to give an account of their stellar performance yesterday.

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Hunter Durham challenges Doug McCammish ugly opination


H. Durham, Esq., Hunterland, writes
Sorry, Doug. That is just the ugly, no matter what. Of course I would have won if Dennis was not there. LOL . - HUNTER DURHAM (from his Aerie high above the Fountain Plaza, Downtown Columbia, KY)
Comments re article 94480 Dennis Loy takes lead in early balloting

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Maury Lewis: Disagrees with idea there are no dangerous roads

Guest editorial: Seeing issue of safety from more than one side. There are both dangerous drivers and dangerous roads.

Maury Lewis writes:
I disagree with the statement that are no dangerous roads. These roads we drive on were designed by engineers, people, who didn't think ALL the designs through before they had the roads built. Why would you make a lane a passing lane when some people have got to stop in it?

True, I do agree that people need to be more alert and stay more alert on certain highways but there are dangerous highways out there that were designed wrong. - Maury Lewis
Comments re article 93801 JMC No such thing as dangerous road only dangerous drivers

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Charles Marshburn: Time Change

By Charles Marshburn

Greater Fairplay, KY - (5:09amCT, Sun 05 Nov 2017) - It has been hours since the time change and I'm still not used to it!

/s/ Charles Marshburn

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Debra Gayle Loy Harvey: Comments on pension change plans

I've been speaking to others about this pension crisis. I met one gentleman last week in Columbia, and he had already retired from state government. He seemed to believe that everything was fine. He was not concerned about the 3% cuts that the Legislators were proposing on the current worker's salaries. He showed me Senator Max Wise's article in the paper, which stated everything was okay. I thought to myself, why isn't someone speaking up, when a small voice said, "why aren't you?" - DEBRA GAYLE LOY HARVEY

By Debra Gayle Loy Harvey
Opinions are personal viewpoint of the writer

I have never claimed to be "sophisticated". In fact, I was raised in a "holler" in southern Adair County. So, I guess you can say I'm about as far from "sophisticated" as you can get. However, I do believe that I am smart enough to speak up for myself, and a few others.

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Steve Coomer: Compares roadside signs to litter

Steve Coomer writes:
I recently removed an illegally placed sign in my yard by a young woman. I then drove the length of Lampton Lane and she had placed seven more in one mile! I consider it as bad or worse than litter! - Steve Coomer
Comments re article 93670 Doug Beard urges enforcement of roadside sign laws

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Billy Joe Fudge sends Triple Wow! for RRW Spelling story

And a coveted "Well Said," criticism

Billy Joe Fudge writes:
Wow! Wow! Wow! Well said, Ralph Roy. That is one heck of a dissertation and one which leaves no room for a surrebuttal. - Billy Joe Fudge
Comments re article 93280 Ralph Waggener On the subject of spelling

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T. Neal: Some better things for Council to do than ban bars

' . . . to limit progress is a sad thing. Limit hours of operation and proceed with progress,' he writes, adding 'Maybe vote on shutting down all the meth dealers and pill pushers first.' - T. NEAL
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By T. Neal
Personal commentary of writer

I am disheartened to hear the city Council would even consider taking action on this.

No, I am not for standalone bars, but I don't myself care, because it has no bearing on my aspect in life.

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Joyce Coomer advocates for improved word skills

'The difference is that a peek from a peak should pique one's curiosity.' - JOYCE COOMER
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By Joyce Coomer

I am tired of seeing the misuse and misspellings of words when reading anything, not just things written by people who are supposedly "uneducated", but by people who should (and are supposed to) know better -- like editors and proofreaders for major publishing houses; I am seeing more errors in books printed in the past ten to fifteen years than I ever saw in books printed fifty to one hundred years ago.

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Doug Beard: TU for lowered flags today - hopes others follow

By Doug Beard

On my drive around Columbia this morning, I noticed that several American flags have already been lowered to half staff to remember those who lost their lives this past weekend in Las Vegas. There are still several flags in very prominent positions that have not been lowered as of this morning. As we continue to remember those who have lost their lives, I hope folks will remember to pay tribute to the fallen by taking corrective action this morning. Thanks, --Doug Beard

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Writing and sharing memories makes a difference

Thanks for the memory of the ride in the airship!

By Linda Waggener

Just a note to say thanks to all who shared photos and comments about a recent unusual visitor -- a passing blimp, small airship, that surprised several skywatchers who happened to grab a quick photo and share. Several saw it, documented it and others tracked down what it was doing here. In addition to wondering what the suspicious character was doing in our airspace, I wanted to know what it was like to be inside it.

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  181. Amy Pike wonders why no comments allowed on AFV site
    Posted: 2016-03-10, Story ID: 81679

  182. Wet/Dry: The vanilla extract story
    Posted: 2016-03-09, Story ID: 81652

  183. Cynthia A. Meyer: Is county liable for poison overspray, drift
    Posted: 2016-03-08, Story ID: 81621

  184. Joyce M. Coomer comments on willy nilly use of herbicides
    Posted: 2016-03-07, Story ID: 81613

  185. Jon Halsey: Mencken quotes on the American mind, Presidency
    Posted: 2016-03-06, Story ID: 81575

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