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Epicurean Kentuckian: Report on steakhouse progress

Charles Marshburn writes: The Black Stallion Steakhouse sign is up! Charles Marshburn Thanks for the heads-up, Charles Marshburn. We take the information as a need for a photo. Hope to have one soon. - EW

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Maury Lewis - Breakfast chilaquiles very spring looking

Maury Lewis writes:
What a beautiful plate of food. It is very spring looking. - Maury
Comments re photo 76894 Epicurean Kentuckian Breakfast Chilaquiles

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Epicurean Kentuckian: Menu at Hancock Hotel, 107 years ago - JIM

Food & History November 25, Thanksgiving in Columbia, KY, 107 years ago, included a menu skasely found anywhere today. We don't have a photo, but it conjures up in the mind readily just reading the list :
"The Thanksgiving menu at the Hancock Hotel (25 Nov 1910): Roast beef, grape jelly, apple sauce, cream potatoes, turkey, cranberries, celery, chipped potatoes, scalloped oysters, chicken, nut salad, salmon salad, pickles, wafers, corn bread, biscuit, lightbread, butter, tea, coffee, milk, black cake, marble cake, Tuti fruiti cake, and custard."
The menu is excerpted from a JIM article from Thanksgiving, 25 Nov 2010, more than worthwhile to read in its brief entirety: 100 years ago: Thanksgiving in Adair Co., KY, which, of course is 107 years ago as of this post. For the few not around in 1910, the Hancock Hotel was located where Farm Bureau South is today, at 105 Burkesville Street, Columbia, KY.

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Epicurean Kentuckian: A throwdown on Best Cornbread in Town

Cornbread Connoisseur (and Diurnal Townie) Joyce M. Coomer writes:

Great lunch! Butter on hot cornbread from Moore's Pool & Lunch . . . best cornbread in town!

Joyce M. Coomer

A comment and challenge follows:

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Epicurean Kentuckian want ad: 1 Waffle House in Columbia, KY

WANTED: One Waffle House restaurant in Columbia, Ky. Must be run as efficiently as the Waffle Houses are on Hurstborne in Louisville, on Mel Browning St. in Bowling Green, on Buena Vista in Lexington, and on Pamela Rae Dr. in Crestwood. Anything less will not be acceptable. Joyce M. Coomer

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Epicurean Kentuckian: Glasgow has delicious lobster dishes

He suggests a short drive across the Cumberland Parkway to Glasgow's Captain D's as an excellent alternative to driving to Rockland, Maine to sate lobster cravings: Closer by about 1200 miles, 19 hours. And saves a bunch of money.
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By Robert Cumming

Personal culinary critique

I was born a Pisces in March so naturally ice water(with lemon) is my favorite beverage and any kind of seafood.

Living in Kentucky, with so many miles of shoreline across our state, we have an abundance of freshwater fish, aquaculture shrimp, mussels, even mud puppy crawfish.

But for those with a taste for the coast like crab and lobster Maine is a long way to go until now.

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Free meals Sat 16 Sep 2017, at Farmers Market on the Square

By Lois Cunningham

Saturday, September 16, 2017, free meals will be served to children and students of all ages at Farmers Market on the Square at the corner at the southwest corner of Campbellsville and Merchant Streets.
Breakfast 7:30amCT-10amCT: Pancakes, sausage and fruit parfait for breakfast from

Lunch, 10:30am-12:30pmCT: Chicken casserole, peasant bread, coleslaw and mini chocolate chip cupcakes.
Adults who want to have meals may make donations.

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Big Al Owens visits original McDonalds in Downey, CA

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By Big Al, the Big Rig Trucker

On Monday, September 11, 2017, I was fortunate enough to visit the original McDonald's in Downey, California. It is actually the third ever, but is the oldest still in existence.

Visiting this place has been a long-time goal of mine. It's kind of like, for Kentuckians, visiting the original Col. Sanders Restaurant in Corbin, KY, something I recommend if you've not done so, already.

I'm sharing some photo(s) of the trip, as I always try to do. Hope you all enjoy them. - Big Al Owens, the Big Rig Trucker

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Very reliable source sends information on Hick's Restaurant

Anon writes:
Just a bit of information about Hick's Drive-In: In "Lost Restaurants of Louisville," authors Stephen Hacker and Michelle Turner note that Daynon Hicks opened Kupie's eatery "near the corner of Fifth and Walnut Streets around 1940." They also stated Mr. Hicks married Mary, a young waitress at Kupie's, in 1947, and "Two weeks after they were married, Daynon Hicks opened Hick's Drive-In in Shiveley. " Hacker & Turner go on to say that Mr. Hicks continued to operate the Drive-In for "several years" after selling Kupie's in 1950. --Anon
Comments re photo 74419 Ralph Waggener Favorite Old Postcard Hicks Restaurant

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Robert Ellis is toying with idea of print sales on his Etsy Store

Robert Ellis writes:
Thanks S. Byrd for your compliment of my photography. I have "toyed" with the idea of making prints available for sale, and if I was to do so I would make them available in my Etsy Store ( where I sell my handmade cutting boards. For the time being-and happy to do so, will continue to share them with the Columbia Magazine readers. --Robert Ellis
Comments re article 92016 S Byrd Wants to know if Robert Ellis prints available for sale

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Joyce Coomer: How easy to be duped by 'gluten free' label

Joyce M. Coomer writes
I find it amazing how easily consumers are duped by advertising and manufacturers. Unless a food is made from a grain source (wheat, barley, etc.) it should not contain gluten at all . . . sticking a "gluten free" label on apple cider vinegar, potato chips, canned yams, etc. is nothing more than a marketing ploy. Joyce M. Coomer
About photo of label - A bottle of 'Bragg'

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Epicurean Kentuckian: Cheers to Boathouse Winery

A Wine-Lovers Guide to Columbia, KY: 'Overall, my experience at Boat House Winery encompassed the future I have wanted for Columbia for a long time. Here is a place where tourists and locals alike can gather, try something new, and simply enjoy the incredible hospitality (and wine!) that South Central Kentucky has to offer. Whether you know about the tannins or simply know about having a good time, there is a place for you at Boat House Winery.' - HEATHER LAUREN JACKSON
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By Heather Lauren Jackson
Guest/Personal Commentary

This summer, celebrating my graduation from Vanderbilt, I visited six new countries. I hopped alongside kangaroos in Sydney, ate pasta in Rome, and stood before the remains of the Wall in Berlin. My experience was amazing, and I am honored to have been able to see so much beyond my own backyard. However, after logging over 50 hours in planes and 10 hours on trains, I was very excited to return home for some much needed R&B (Rest & Betty's Breakfast).

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Sights and smells of FM2 may pull you in on a Saturday morning

'Darrell Andrew had the first tomatoes I saw as I walked into the market. They weren't just any tomatoes, they were imperfect in shape and color, warm, fresh from the stalk tomatoes that made me want to bring them to my face, inhale their sweet aroma and then take a bite, like I did as a child following my mom through our gardens in Sulphur Well. I decided not to do that before purchasing. - LW
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By Linda Waggener

If you walk by or roll by with the windows down on a Columbia, KY Saturday morning, the signts and smells of the Farmers Market on the Square, FM2, at the corner of Merchant and Campbellsville Streets, will entice you to stop.

The aromas of breakfast warming, coffee making, steaks grilling, lunch preparation starting in the little yellow truck will call to your senses. The earthy smells of garden plants and of vegetables will surround you -- tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, onions, and that doesn't begin to say how happy yours eyes will be at the sights of reds, greens, yellows and purples.

There are acquaintances old and new to wave hello to and enjoy coffee with.

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Joyce Coomer: Restaurants & rumors of restaurants

Would like to see well-run Waffle House with grillmaster who knows what he is doing
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By Joyce Coomer

People from outside the county keep asking me what restaurants are going to be appearing in the Walmart area, asking about everything from White Castle to Rafferty's. All I can tell them is that I don't know.

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Korean lunch and learning enjoyed at FM2

Americanized version of Korean Bulgogi was main entree
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By Barbara Armitage

We counted at nearly 100 kids and adults who took part in the "Learn about Korea" lunch at the Square Meals Cafe at the Farmers Market on the Square, Saturday June 3, 2017.

Brothers Ty and Gabe Coleman along with their mom Maggie Coleman were our special guests at the cafe. The kids played a Korean game "Yutnori" and talked about their experiences traveling in Ty's home country of Korea.

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  162. Where to eat? Epicurean Kentuckian Bacon Spinach Pasta?
    Posted: 2013-08-08, Story ID: 61165

  163. Gradyville Baptist will hold community fish fry, Aug. 10, 2013
    Posted: 2013-08-04, Story ID: 61089

  164. (Ad) Cafe on the Square Grand Opening - Today
    Posted: 2013-07-26, Story ID: 60906

  165. Epicurean Kentuckian critique: Grilled Beet Salad w/Goat Cheese
    Posted: 2013-07-25, Story ID: 60894

  166. (Ad) Farmers Market, 409 Fairground ST, Columbia, kY
    Posted: 2013-07-23, Story ID: 60853

  167. (Ad) Farm Fresh today at Farmer's Market, A.M., July 23, 2013
    Posted: 2013-07-23, Story ID: 60844

  168. Epicurean Kentuckian: $6.95 buffet will continue
    Posted: 2013-07-22, Story ID: 60822

  169. Taste of Adair is Friday, July 19, at the Farmers Market
    Posted: 2013-07-15, Story ID: 60703

  170. (Ad) Liberty Road - Advance notice on Grand Opening
    Posted: 2013-07-10, Story ID: 60624

  171. Sincere Burger Critic: He's on his way
    Posted: 2013-07-08, Story ID: 60595

  172. Farmer's Market on the Square: Biggest yet! Sat., July 6, 2013
    Posted: 2013-07-05, Story ID: 60548

  173. (Ad) Vester has its store again! - Liberty Road Gen. Store & Diner
    Posted: 2013-07-05, Story ID: 60533

  174. Epicurean Kentuckian: Gradyville Gooseberries are very good
    Posted: 2013-07-01, Story ID: 60460

  175. Good eating: That Moore's lunch was two meals in one
    Posted: 2013-04-24, Story ID: 59097

  176. Food/Link: NPR story/pics on Vermont's great food
    Posted: 2013-04-21, Story ID: 59039

  177. Epicurean Kentuckian: Joyce Coomer critique
    Posted: 2013-04-09, Story ID: 58781

  178. Market Musicians wanted for Farmer's Market on the Square
    Posted: 2013-03-28, Story ID: 58538

  179. Epicurean Kentuckian: Tami sends two second critique
    Posted: 2013-03-20, Story ID: 58344

  180. Letter: On Proper Curry
    Posted: 2013-03-18, Story ID: 58292

  181. Annual Country Ham Supper, Picketts Chapel UMC, this Saturday
    Posted: 2013-02-21, Story ID: 57757

  182. Cafe on the Square was a beacon on the Square
    Posted: 2013-02-11, Story ID: 57568

  183. Cafe on the Square owners announce it is closing
    Posted: 2013-02-11, Story ID: 57564

  184. Books n Beans coffee shop opens at Campbellsville University
    Posted: 2013-02-06, Story ID: 57462

  185. Epicurean Kentuckian: White beans and greens soup
    Posted: 2013-02-04, Story ID: 57429

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