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Chamber Insights April 2007: Complete Issue

Welcome to Chamber Insights, the monthly newsletter of the Columbia-Adair County Chamber of Commerce.

Editor: Sue Stivers

Feature writers: Darrell Overstreet, Vonnie Kolbenschlag and Teresa Shelton.

Thought for the month: "A good character is the best tombstone. Those who loved you and were helped by you will remember you when forget-me-nots have withered. Carve your name on hearts, not marble."

  • President's message from Darrell Overstreet
  • March Madness Membership Drive with list of new members
  • Meet new Board Member, Arlinda Kessler
  • Ribbon Cutting scheduled at Adair Family Medical Center, Dr. Eric Loy
  • Salute to volunteers
  • May 15 monthly meeting at Chamber office
  • Corporate Sponsor of the Month: Community Voice
  • Think Green: How Recycling, conservation benefit Adair County

Chamber President's Message: Darrell Overstreet

What a year for Columbia and Adair County!! About all I can say this month is thank you and congratulations.

I want to personally thank everyone who attended the 2007 Columbia-Adair County Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet just a couple of weeks ago. We had the largest attendance in the 50 year history of the Chamber.

That is due to the work of the Chamber Board of Directors, Sue Stivers, Executive Director and the great people of Columbia and Adair County. JoAnn Panko, Jeff Willis and staff at LWC Cramner Dining Center did an awesome job. We also appreciated Bob Mitchell, Chief of Staff for Congressman Hal Rogers for his remarks.

What a great job that Tonya Meece and Susan Peck did presenting the invocation in song.

I want to congratulate all the award recipients: Dr. Chuck Giles, Jennifer Hutchison-Corbin, Mark Fudge, Calvin Aaron, Evelyn Phelps and Angela Dean. We appreciate each and every one of you.

The Membership Madness membership drive was a great success. We have the largest membership in a very long time. I want to thank Stephen Keen, Vice President and Membership Chairman and Dana Walker, Co-Chairperson and all their coaches and team members for a great job during the membership drive. You folks did an unbelievable job!!

Thanks so much.

Lastly I want to thank Sue Stivers, who works so much for the Chamber. Thanks Sue so very much.

There is still lots going on with the Chamber and we want you to be a part of the activities. If you are not a member I encourage you to join and if you are a member I encourage you to become involved. We need you to help keep the mission to make "Columbia, KY, A Great Place To Call Home".

Ribbon cutting ceremonies scheduled

Adair Family Medical Center - Dr. Eric Loy, Owner - Saturday, May 19th at 11:30 am CT
All Chamber members are encouraged to attend as we welcome this new business to the Chamber and to Columbia-Adair County.

March Madness a Big Success

The Membership Drive with the theme March Madness was a big success.

A special thanks to the following who recruited 63 new members.

Chairman Stephen Keen, Team Chairmen, Patricia Harper, Arlinda Kessler, Allison Shepherd, Donna Stotts and Dana Walker. Team members Charles Barnes, Louise Brock, Sharon Burton, Mike Curry, Carla Denton, Lloyd French, Wendy Gousha, Rickie Huntsman, Tonya Meece, Monica Rodgers, Carli Shelley, Shannon Smith, Beth VanArsdale, and Chasity Yarberry. This project was by far the most exhaustive recruitment effort the Chamber had undertaken in the past several years. Hats off to each of you!!

Welcome New Members

The Chamber is delighted to "Welcome" the following new members.

Image Analysis, Inc. 1380 Burkesville Street, Ben Arnold--phone# 270-384-6400

Judy D. Vance, PSC Attorney, 101 Campbellsville St. Suite B-- phone# 270-384-0420

Tray's Garden, 960 Jamestown Street, Peter Cheng--phone# 270-384-2838

H & R Block, 510 Burkesville St. #1, Linda Fitzpatrick--phone# 270-384-2343

Central Kentucky Window & Door, 1160 Russell Road, Dicky Walker--phone# 270-384-1061

Janes Heating & Cooling, 1672 Highway 55 South, Chris Janes--phone# 270-384-1968

Debra Stearman, CPA, 107 Burkesville Street--phone# 270-384-0056

Odell's Auto Repair, 205 Merchant Street, Odell Smith--phone# 270-384-4803

Moore's Pool Room, 124 Public Square, Charlotte Hare--phone# 270-384-6334

Adair Awareness, 406 Jamestown Street, Lisa White/Renee Reeves--phone# 270-384-3333

NEPCO-Northeastern Products, 150 Hughes Road, William Kruizenga--phone# 270-378-6787

Karnes Dyno-Rev Engines, 1115 Jamestown St. Suite 4, Mark D. Karnes--phone# 270-384-0388

P & J Refrigeration, 166 Rattler Curry Rd, Phillip & Judy McLean--phone# 270-384-6677

Grant Chiropractic Center, 908 Russell Road, Dr. Anthony Grant--phone# 270-384-3271

Rumors Hair Salon, 107 Campbellsville Street, Keisha Skaggs--phone# 270-385-9954

Red Barn Barbecue, 309 Hudson Street, Markeeta & Gary Dubree--phone# 270-384-1645

Sheila's Country Junction, 206 Public Square, Sheila Hare--phone# 270-384-0022

Casey House Antiques, 1081 Edmonton Road, Marla Shelley--phone# 270-384-0327

Hancock Tire Center, 1321 Campbellsville Road, Troy Hancock--phone# 270-384-3882

Holmes Bend General Store, 3399 Holmes Bend Road, Stevie Cornelison--phone# 270-384-7253

All About You Hair Salon, 100 Wall Street, Kathy Grant--phone# 270-384-1596

Lake Cumberland Real Estate, 2461 South Hwy. 127, David Davenport--phone # 270-866-6400

M & W Milling, 510 Short Street, Mark Meyer--phone# 270-384-2487

Movie Warehouse, 803 Jamestown Street, Daryl & Connie Kemp--phone# 270-384-3907

Lynn's Service Center, 118 Jamestown Street, Lynn Franklin--phone# 270-384-6213

J & S Boat Storage, 411 Campbellsville St., Steve McKinney--phone# 270-384-2141

McDonald's of Columbia, 980 Jamestown St., Pam Hancock--phone# 270-384-3873

C & R Framing & Matting, 178 Charles Cole Road, Charles Cole--phone# 270-384-4312

MLS Showroom, 375 Office Park Drive, Lee Stephens--phone# 270-384-0076

Dixie Cash & Carry, 2766 Greensburg Rd, Alan & Beth VanArsdale--phone# 270-384-3471

Dog Gone Classy, 601 Burkesville St., Daryl & Trudy VanArsdale--phone# 270-385-9039

Robin's Nest Daycare, 55 E. Wilson Drive, Robin Franklin--phone# 270-384-2021

Limelights Salon, 969 Campbellsville Rd., Amy Rowe & Amy Keltner--phone# 270-385-9801

Sexton & Cox Auto Sales, 209 Hudson Street, Garry Cox & Bill Sexton--phone# 270-384-5873

Robertson Pools & Spas, 406 Jamestown St., Patsy Robertson--phone# 270-384-4452

Pyles Concrete, Inc., 2576 Campbellsville Rd., Doug Pyles--phone# 270-384-3423

Adair County Fire Extinguisher Service, 2814 Liberty Rd., Michael Glasgow, # 270-384-6252

Hometown Building LLC, 1662 Hwy. 55 South, Philip & Missy Dunbar--phone# 270-385-9170

William Furniture & Bedding, 805 Campbellsville Rd., William & Rose Burton--#270-384-5008

Best Western Columbia Inn, 710 Bomar Heights, Jay Lad--phone# 270-250-1574

Hoover Law Office, 414 Public Square, Jeff Hoover & Kevin Shearer--phone# 270-384-1045

Gaddie-Shamrock, LLC, 5045 Hwy. 55 South, Roy & Doug Beard--phone# 270-384-2451

Nissley Equipment, 4284 Campbellsville Rd., Daniel & Kathy Nissley--phone# 270-384-4064

Fiesta Mexico, 819 Jamestown Street, Martin Valadez--phone# 270-384-6004

Krafty Kreations, 1099 Campbellsville St., Missy Powell--phone# 270-384-3969

Fence Builders, 1099 Campbellsville St., Mark Powell--phone # 270-384-3969

Lee's Famous Recipe, 105 Hudson Street, Rob Westbrook--phone# 270-384-4414

ABS Voice and Data, 780 Hatcher White Road, Brian Koenig--phone# 270-572-3644

Adair Family Medical Center, 901 Campbellsville Rd. Dr. Eric Loy--phone# 270-384-2777

Old Craftsmans Furniture & Cabinet, 3511 Holmes Bend Rd.,Greg Redford-#270-384-4431

Inside Out Auto Detail & Window Tinting, 407 Campbellsville St., Tim Franklin-270-250-5355

Individual Members supporting the Chamber of Commerce

Sara F. Coop, Mary Beth Phelps, Joe & Mildred Rooney, Maxine Walker, Bobby Grayson, Melissa Fudge, Mary E. Pelly, Mary Francis May, David Waggener, Montra Keen; Bea Beard, and Edward & Linda Kessler.;

A special thank you to each of you for placing your membership and becoming a part of the Chamber family. Your investment in the Chamber means an investment in your community. Monthly Chamber meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 11:45 am at Lindsey Wilson College Dining Center, unless otherwise specified. You are invited to attend. Your membership shows that you believe in the mission of the Chamber.;

Meet New 2007 Board Member

The Columbia-Adair County Chamber of Commerce would like to introduce to you one of their new Board Members - Arlinda Kessler.

Arlinda Kessler was born in Danville KY, a graduate for Mercer County High School, then Attended Lindsey Wilson College after obtaining a scholarship for Music.

Arlinda graduated from Lindsey in 2003 with a Bachelor Degree in Communication and an Associate Degree in Social Science.

Arlinda is currently employed with the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service.

When not working at the Extension office, she stays busy with her church, family, community and with her husband's business Kessler Mortgage.

Arlinda and her husband Kevin reside in the Portland community of Adair County and have 4 children. Her children are very active in 4-H and love showing off their Jersey cows.

Arlinda will begin pursuing her Masters Degree in Public Administration with emphasis on Community Development.

Arlinda can be reached at the Extension Office 270-384-2317.

Next month we will feature Dana Walker, another new Board Member.A Salute to Volunteers

Each year the month of April is designated as Volunteer month

A time to recognize all those volunteers who work so hard to make their communities, state and nation a better place to live.

Last year, 65.4 million Americans volunteered through or for an organization. Nearly 26 percent of the American population are volunteers. Are you one of those?

Adair County is blessed with volunteers, whose contribution of time, talent, resources and compassion makes a valuable difference.

Volunteers are priceless! Always Caring, Always Sharing. Volunteers are people who reach out to others and, in so doing, become extraordinary!

Volunteers bring joy and sunshine, and set an example, wherever they go.

Thank you Adair County Volunteers for all you do.

You make our Community, our Commonwealth and our World a better place to live. You're truly a treasure.

Some favorite quotes from Volunteers
  1. The miracle is this....the more we share, the more we have.
  2. It is only in the giving of oneself to others that we truly live.
  3. I hope that when my life ends, I would have added a little beauty, perception and quality for those who follow.
  4. This is the miracle that happens every time to those who really live: the more they give, the more they possess
  5. It is possible to give without loving, but it is impossible to love without giving.
  6. Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.
Value of a Volunteer's Time

Did you know that the estimated value of a volunteer's time is approximately $18.77 per hour for 2006, according to the latest research on volunteers and community service groups? This number gives charitable organizations a tool to help quantify the immense contributions volunteers make.

This number can help put into perspective the enormous contributions provided by our volunteers.

May Monthly Chamber Meeting

The monthly meeting will be held Tuesday, May 15 at 11:45 am in the lower level of the Chamber Building, located at 201 Burkesville Street. Guest speaker will be Mary Margaret Villines, Development Director of the Kentucky Repertory Theatre of Horse Cave, KY.

There will be a catered luncheon and reservations are due to the Chamber office not later than noon May 10. Reservations can be made by calling the Chamber office at 384-6020 or visiting the Chamber office. Members are encouraged to attend.

Corporate Sponsor of the Month

The Corporate Sponsor of the Month will be, The Community Voice, with owner Sharon Burton, located at 316 Public Square.

Think Green Stuff

Chambers of Commerce are support systems for businesses. As businesses serve the public and earn "green stuff", there's increasing emphasis on conserving resources and being mindful of Earth's "green stuff".

With benefits to both business and our planet home, some of the following tips come from the USA Weekend publication for April 20-22.

Unplug the charger for your cell phone because the charger continues to draw electricity even when not charging. The standby mode on other electronics also draws electricity - not much, but the large number of consumers equals a large draw on electricity. Turn off your computer nightly.

Buy locally produced food whenever possible. Transporting foods from distance places means more carbon emissions from trucks. Packaging is costly and ends up as **litter or landfill.

Bring your own shopping bags.

Replace light bulbs with the compact flourescent light bulbs (these cannot be used in confined light fixtures). Difficult to believe maybe, but using these bulbs can bring electric costs down and greatly decrease pollution caused from the coal burning generators that produce electricity.

Plant trees. They give off oxygen and use carbon dioxide. They help cool our surroundings.

Recycle. This reduces landfill and means less energy is consumed in making a product using recycled material than from making a product fromraw material. Our recycling center is open from 7:00 am - 3:00 pm on weekdays and 7:00 am- Noon on Saturdays.

Check out for wonderful links telling how to properly recycle everything plus giving tips on saving cost.

We all have a part to help make our community more livable and healthy while lowering energy bills, creating jobs and enjoying the "Green Stuff".

**Please don't!!
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Meet New Chamber Board Member Arlina Kessler

2007-04-24 .


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Chamber Ribbon Cutting: Best Buy Clothes

2007-04-24 - Downtown Columbia, KY - Photo By Ed Waggener.
SUE ROWE, owner of Best Buy Clothes, second from left, was honored with a Columbia-Adair County Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting Ceremony this morning, Tuesday, April 24, 2007, at 10:00am at the store located at 310 Public Square, in the former Loy's Department Store Location. Next to her, from left, are Gail Wilson Gaskin, the store manager; Best Buy assistant manager Debbie Bohannon, Mary Hadley, Bank of Columbia Vice President Donna Stotts; Edward D. Jones Columbia office manager Jim Flowers' Teresa Shelton, Bluegrass Cellular; and Brian Caldwell, Bank of Collumbia. Back row: Chamber President Darrell Overstreet; Chamber Executive Director Sue Stivers; United Citizens Bank CEO Dave Johnston; Columbia Mayor Pat Bell, WAIN radio personality Lisa Fisher-Clark; WHVE radio announcer Don Salmon, Hilda Satterfield, marketing director, Dr. Phil Aaron Medical Center; and Doug McCammish, manager, McCammish Industries, Columbia Division.

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