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Patty's Liberty Road General Store and Deli
MENU In the Village of Vester, (Adair County), 5097 Liberty Road, Columbia, KY 42728. Patty Smith Edwards, owner & manager. Phone 270-380-1039 HOURS: Mon-Thu 5am-5pmCT. Fri - 5am-7pmCT. Sat 5am-3pmCT. Closed Sunday. Liberty Road Grocery & Deli is SMOKE FREE.
- BREAKFAST - Start your day with a home cooked breakfast with us. Bacon, Sausage, Ham, Tenderloin, Eggs, Biscuits, Home Cooked Gravy and all the Fixins.

It's Changeover Day in Vester - More fallish, harvest timey, meals. - (POP QUIZ. Ask yourself: Where else in the world can you eat like this for these low prices??? For the price of a tip elsewhere. ANSWER Only at Patty's.

Lunch Specials:
- ROAST BEEF MANHATTAN - A meal in itself. A home cooked Roast Beef Sandwiched with Mashed Potatoes and smothered in Brown Gravy $6.49
- SWEET & TANGY PULLED PORK on a Bun with Fries. $4.99.
- SWEET & TANGY PULLED PORK on Potato Skins. Topped with Shredded Cheese, $4.49. (Bacon bits and sour cream available, $6.99 for entree)
- DESSERTS - Snickers Pie. Reeses' Pie. Chess Cake. No Bake Cookies.

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Fiesta Mexico of Columbia
819 Jamestown St., Columbia KY. 270-384-6004. Hrs.: 10:30amCT daily; Sun, 11amCT
Authentic Mexican Restaurant
South Central Kentucky's finest authentic Mexican food:

We can accommodate almost any size group.

And Take Out is Fast, Affordable, and Delicious.

Quesadilla Roja - Grilled Flour Tortilla Stuffed with Chicken or Beef with Cheese. Served with Rice, Lettuce, Sour Cream and Tomatoes. $5.99

Appetizers & Salads, Combination Dinners, Vegetarian Combinations, Especial of the House Grill, Especial Seafood, Especial Steak, A La Carte Orders, Side Orders, Kids Menu, Desserts and Beverages.

Large Party Room with Bar. 10% off for Lindsey Wilson College students EVERY DAY
About FIESTA MEXICO Columbia.

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Betty's Country Cooking
MENU | 2339 Campbellsville RD, Columbia, KY (MAP) Phone 270-384-5664.
Betty's OKCC is now non-smoking. Breakfast served anytime. Hours, 5:30am-9pmCT Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri & Sat. Closed Sundays. Credit Cards accepted
Betty's Pick 3 - Breakfast Special - $3.99 Mon-Sat, 6am-11amCT.
$3.49 BREAKFAST Mon-Fri. Choose 2 pcs Bacon. Two Sausage Links. One Sausage Patty. Also: One Egg. ALSO: One Biscuit and Gravy.

Betty's Blue Plate Special. 10:30am-4pmCT, Mon thru Fri. Meat & 2 Plus Roll. STILL $5.99

It's WEDNESDAY and it is Senior Citizens Discount Day - $1 off on full buffet!

LUNCH DINNER BUFFET - After 10:30amCT/11:30amET till closing at 9amCT/10pmCT
Buffet Hot Bar MEATS: Baked Ham. Catfish. Breaded Porkchops. Liver & Onions. (White Gravy Today) Buffet Hot Bar VEGETABLES: Mashed Potatoes. Green Beans. Creamed Corn. Mac & Tomatoes. GREAT NORTHERN BEANS!!! Baby Carrots. Fordhook Limas. Stirfry Veggies. Breaded Okra. Buffet COLD BAR: Peaches. Pears. Cottage Cheese. Sweet Pickles. Red Relish. Onions. Coleslaw.

Desserts: - Pecan Pie. Caramel Apple Nut Pie. Turtle Track Pie. Cookies & Cream Pie. Chocolate. Butterscotch. Coconut. Apple. Sand Pie. Banana Split. Lemon Meringue. Sugar Free CHOCOLATE PIE.
- Betty Ollestad
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Adair County Schools
from Dayna Parnell, Ass't Food Service Director, Carol Roy, Director of Food Services, Adair Co. School District. Phone 270-384-2476. August 2018 - Menu for ACES & ACPC | August 2018 - Menu for ACMS & ACHS | Free Lunches PDF | Adair Co. School 2018-19 Calendar PDF | Adair County School District TRANSPORTATION Directory 2018-2019
ACPC/ACES/ACMS/ACHS: Donut Holes. Choice of Low-Fat Milk. Toast. Variety of Cereals offered daily at breakfast.
ACPC & ACES: - Burrito or Spaghetti. Garden Salad. Corn. Cheese Breadstick. Fruit Options.
ACHS & ACMS: - Spaghetti. Garden Salad. Corn. Cheese Breadstick. Fruit Options.
ALL SCHOOLS all MEALS: Choice of Low Fat Milk

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