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Holy Week Journey to the Cross drive begins in Columbia

By Maggie Coleman

Columbia United Methodist Church is organizing a Columbia to Journey to the Cross Drive around Columbia. You can prepare your heart and mind for Easter and get out of the house while maintaining the necessary physical distance!

Throughout Holy Week, starting today, Palm Sunday, feel welcome to drive from station to station, reminding you and your family of the steps leading to Christ's death and His resurrection on Easter morning.

The drive will begin at the front of Columbia UMC located across from Save-a-Lot at 202 Burkesville Street. Directions to the next station will be located on each sign. Blessings and health to you this Easter season!

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A peaceful scene and Palm Sunday message from Judge Cowan

2020-04-05 - Adair County, KY - Photo by AC Judge Executive.
Gale Cowan, Adair County Judge Executive, shared a comment with this peaceful photo Palm Sunday afternoon, "Just a quick update - I receive an update from the Lake Cumberland District Health Department daily. Yesterday we had NO NEW CASES in our 10 county area. As in every county, I’m sure we continue to have people tested. Continue to pray to the ones that are positive as well as their families, our community, and all the front line health professionals. Pray for the essential workers who are helping the rest of us get our essential needs. I continue to ask that you practice your social distancing by staying six feet apart. You can get out of your house on these beautiful days. Take a walk, go fishing (as we are doing) take a drive. Enjoy this beautiful Lords Day!

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Kentucky Color: Walking Thru History

By Billy Joe Fudge

With the beginnings of the new and wonderful South Highway 61, Dad often spoke about the fact that this would be the third Highway 61 that he had traveled on. Recently, I was blessed to find myself walking upon what I would consider to be Highway 61, number one. One day Houston Pennington, his Dad David and I were looking at a timber stand for a client. While David was walking in front of me I realized where we were walking; yep, on Highway 61, number one! We were walking South toward Breeding up the hill from Harrod's Fork Creek with Harrod's Fork Circle Road about a hundred feet to our right and a couple hundred yards beyond that, the new Highway 61.

Just to think that I was walking along the very route that my Dad's family and thousands of our ancestors would have been traveling by foot, on horse back, by wagon and by early automobiles, began to bring on a rush of memories; memories which Dad shared with me about when he was just a boy. Memories of trips to Columbia riding in a wagon that began at dawn of day and would finally end with them arriving back home late in the day and sometimes after dark. As he grew older, trips would often be made by him and his Dad, my Pa Abb, in a Model A or Model T of a neighbor who was making the trip into town.

Then I began to think back to many of my thousands of trips on my generation's Highway 61. Trips with memories which I will never forget, some of which were tragic and some of which may have been fraught with difficulties but are now cherished memories and of course, many memories filled with joys which still flood every facet of my being.

One of those "fraught with difficulties" trips which is now a "cherished memory" was a trip to an Adair County basketball game in Larue County.

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April 29, 1978 Around Adair with Ed Waggener

The article below first appeared in the April 29, 1978 issue of the Daily Statesman. Topics included praise for Gerald Reliford and Ralph Waggener, Daylight Savings Time, a population boom at Roley, Nancy Salato's Journalism award, and a call to the Redneck Anti-Defamation League. --Pen

By Ed Waggener

Thanks, Martha Burris
One of the first persons to call us when the Daily Statesman is wrong is Martha Burris. When she does, she is always, at least until now, right. We hope readers think she was right when she called Friday. She said, "I want to tell you when you are doing well. Gerald (Gerald Reliford) is doing a fine job. I really like the articles and I like the sermons he prints. And tell Ralph (Ralph Waggener) that the photo of Bobby Hutchison cleaning trash under the bridge (Daily Statesman, Wednesday, April 26, 1978) was a classic. It ought to be entered in a contest."

Thanks, Martha Burris.

Those are both good boys. You will have made them hard to live with, however. Ralph has always liked Kodaks, and he knows how to use the one he has. But with a subject like Lawyer Hutchison, how could he miss?

And this Reliford fellow. I agree. But he is getting to be a nuisance. He is a mighty hard act to follow.

And I sometimes wonder about an ordained minister telling some of the tales he and Deacon Bobby Willis tell.

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LWC International Marketplace

Current events got in the way of spring plans in 2020, but you can click the headline for an album of photos from past International Marketplace days at Lindsey Wilson College.

By Sabine Eastham
International Student Programs, Lindsey Wilson College

Friday would have been our "International Marketplace"... We were in the midst of planning and prepping for it and our students were excited to share their love for their country with YOU! Guests would have been able to sample dishes from around the world and learn facts about culture, clothing and more from our international students. Please enjoy the trip down memory lane.... let's stay strong, let's stay at home! #ispworldstars --Sabine

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Events scheduled for today, April 5, 2020
All events are listed in Central Time. | Print Version | Submit your upcoming event using our Submission Form.
11:00amCTColumbia United Methodist Church Sunday morning service on Facebook page (ID:60506 | Permanent Link | Comment/Correction)

Visit the Events Page for details about the events listed above, a printable version of today's events, and for events on upcoming days. Please use our Submission Form to let us know about your organization's upcoming events.

Epicurean Kentuckian: Pasta Salad

2020-04-05 - EK Kitchen - Photo by Pen.
Bowtie pasta salad, made by Amy and Hailey.

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Haiku by Robert Stone for April 5, 2020
For Day 96 of 2020. There are 269 days remaining in 2020.

Barricades arise:
time, absence, and change of heart
shadow past closeness.
--Robert Stone, Sunday, 5 April 2020.
-1000 haiku thrice now, more days coming up, Day 3127

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90 years ago: Entertainment, education, and the marvelous Maytag

During the first week of April, 1930, President Hoover began his 14th month in office; the economic depression, worsening by the day, entered its 21st week; the 15th federal census started; and America's Sweetheart, Mary Pickford, a few days short of her 38th birthday and in the twilight of stardom, went home a winner (Best Female Actress) from the first radio-broadcasted Academy Awards. But meanwhile, back in The Shire...


The Junior Class play, "Patty Makes Things Hum," packed the high school auditorium and the appreciative audience much enjoyed the fun. The cast included Marie White in the lead role, along with Stonewall Dohoney, Jr., Ethel Tarter. Louise Montgomery, Lola Hill, Mary Neat, future Columbia mayor Bunny Shively, Davis Jones, Cecil Henson, and Russell Wilson. Mrs. Ray (Ruth) Montgomery directed, with assistance from Mrs. W.J. (Berenice) Flowers, and the Blue Bird Orchestra provided the music under the direction of Mrs. Ores (Lula) Barger.

Those seeking other entertainment had several options over the next few days: a hot debate between Lindsey Wilson's two literary societies on April 10th; the Columbia - Jamestown baseball game at the Lindsey Wilson diamond, April 12th (general admission 25c, students 15c); and the CHS senior class play,"Am I Intruding?," a mystery comedy, May 2nd. And, even closer on the near event horizon, the 1928 movie "The Three Passions" would play the evening of April 8th at the Rialto: "Come and see the way of God, Gold and Woman." (A review written nearly eighty years later named the "passions" as ambition, greed, and lust for power.)

The Strong Hill family of Gradyville had just purchased a house in suburban Columbia and planned to move there post-haste. (A family member opened the door and welcomed the census taker into their new home when she came calling out Jamestown Road on April 24th.)

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KDA: COVID-19 Resource For Producers

By Sean Southard

Frankfort, KY - The Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) and the Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation have teamed up to develop a one-page COVID-19 pandemic resource for Kentucky producers, Agriculture Commissioner Dr. Ryan Quarles announced on Friday.

The document includes information on when producers should stay at home, animal care, and links to additional resources. To view the document, click here: KFB-COVID19 (PDF).

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Video: Ghost in Columbia

Frequent Columbia Magazine contributor and amateur paranormalist Joe Hare captured this exclusive video on his front porch in downtown Columbia early on Saturday, April 4, 2020. Joe writes: "Anyone seeing any ghosts around town? What you see in this video is what I saw when the camera triggered early today. It has not been altered in any way. Della has been told for years this house is haunted, maybe so!"

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Highway 61 in early 2009

2009-03-07 - Sparksville, KY - Photo by Pen.
Billy Joe's recent Kentucky Color reminded me of a decade-past Saturday drive with Dad, "to take a look at the new road."

Pictured are Billy Neat, at left, and Ed Waggener, at right, discussing progress on the Chattanooga Highway. The view is from near the intersection with Lookout Road, back toward metropolitan Columbia in the far distance. --Pen

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Letter: Social Distancing a Century Ago

Patricia Sue Mullins writes:
Thanks Mike Watson for this interesting article. It's amazing that they had to do all the same things we are. With all the ways we have to communicate and entertain ourselves no one should complain about having to stay at home to keep others safe! --Patricia
Comments re: Social Distancing practiced a century ago

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Sen. Max Wise's Legislative Update - April 4, 2020

Personal political commentary/opinions of the writer

By State Senator Max Wise, (R-Campbellsville)
16th District: Adair, Clinton, Cumberland, McCreary, Russell, Taylor, and Wayne Counties

The Kentucky General Assembly wrapped up its final day before the start of a veto recess by passing a one-year Executive Branch budget.

The Senate met its constitutional obligation to pass a state budget this week, but the spending plan was truncated because of COVID-19. It's simply unclear how severe the disease's impact will be on the amount of taxes collected or the citizenry's wellbeing.

Instead of trying to pass a two-year financial plan with so many unknowns, legislators came together and crafted a 12-month budget using the most pessimistic revenue forecast considered by the state's nonpartisan economic forecasters. The heart of the spending plan is the executive branch budget found in House Bill 352, which passed with overwhelming bipartisan support in both chambers.

With economic uncertainties in mind, the Kentucky General Assembly had to reset sights from what was widely envisioned earlier this year where drafts of the budget proposal outlined increased school funding as well as pay raises for teachers and state employees. HB 352 would eliminate all salary increases included in earlier budget proposals but would hold SEEK base appropriation at $4,000 per pupil. The acronym stands for Support Education Excellence in Kentucky, the formula used to allocate state tax dollars to local school districts. In other education-related funding, HB 352 would provide $7.4 million for school-based mental health service providers. Their services are required based on the language in the 2019 School Safety and Resiliency Act.

Other highlights of HB 352 include $938,000 for the "rocket docket," a program to expedite court cases to save on legal fees, administrative expenses and even jail costs while ensuring timely access to the courts. Supporters of the expenditure said the rocket docket will be even more important because of COVID-19. The disruption in people's lives caused by the disease is likely to place additional stress on our court system.

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Service details for Sunday morning service at Columbia UMC

From Rev. Robert Hoffman
Columbia United Methodist Church

We are preparing for Sunday Worship and wanted to help you prepare as well. We will be using the same format and start with Facebook Live at 11amCT with worship music. If you have any music requests, please email them to Ben Martin,

Our prayer time will follow. Please email any prayer requests you would like us to pray for to your pastor,

The message will be available after prayer time. We continue in our series: What Was It Like with the message: Good Friday. Please read Matthew 27 or Mark 15 beforehand and come expecting that God wants to do something in each of us as we encounter The Word. See you then!

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Letter: Social Distancing practiced a Century ago

Phillip W.Coffey writes:
Mike Watson ,Thanks for sharing information about Adair County's response to the 1918 Pandemic. 'Nothing new under the sun.' --Phillip
Comments re: Social Distancing practiced a century ago

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Kentucky Color: Walking Thru History

2020-04-05 - Adair Co., KY - Photo by Billy Joe Fudge.
David Pennington walking on Hwy 61 number 1, while looking at a timber stand.

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Letter: Reply to Mike Watson's story

Jeff Johnson writes:

Mike, it seems that we are eerily in that same situation that happened after the ‘great war.’ Maybe that is one of different reasons the U.S. was reluctant to enter another foreign war-as in WW2.

We, as a modern nation, are dealing with those circumstances again. However, we are spoiled with more abundant electric and phones in our homes.

Also, more advance medicine and medical techniques, indoor plumbing, better transportation and travel, television, computers, and "magical" cell phones.

Nevertheless, we now have city mail carriers and RFD (rural free delivery.) - Jeff

In response to Social Distancing practiced a century ago by Mike Watson.

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4-H Family Social Distancing & Healthy at Home Photo Challenge

By Tony Rose, County Extension Agent for 4-H Youth Development
Adair County Cooperative Extension Service

The weather this weekend is going to be nice and we all are looking forward to getting out of the house. But with everything going on it is especially important to remember social distancing and healthy at home during this lovely weekend. All we do now will help shorten the time for us to get to the end of our current situation.

Adair County 4-H is issuing a Family Social Distancing & Healthy at Home Photo Challenge. This challenge is open to all in Adair County. You do not have to be involved in 4-H to submit photos.

We want you to take photos to model the best practices of social distancing and healthy at home. Make sure the photos involve the whole family including if possible the family pets.

Do not send more than three photos per submission. The photos will be used to put together a Social Distancing and Healthy at Home video presentation. The presentation will be uploaded to the Adair County 4-H Youtube page and will be shared on Social Media and with local media.

Remember all the pictures should model best practices for social distancing and healthy at home and remember to have some fun with it. Please submit all photos by email or text. To submit by email please use or you can text to 270-634-0401. All photos need to be submitted by 8pmCT on Sunday, April 5, 2020.

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Social Distancing practiced a century ago

By Mike Watson

The corona-virus of 2020 is a serious outbreak that has already taken numerous lives and will continue to spread, as such things do, until it has 'run its course' and an effective medication is created and successfully in use. We must all keep vigilant and self-protect by staying away from those who may have been exposed. There is no harm nor foul in being safe and secure.

There is nothing new under the sun...

One century ago the world was much different, but also much the same. The United States had remained largely isolated from the conflict in Europe that erupted in 1914, but trade had continued and so had immigration. When our nation entered the conflict in April 1917 millions of American men registered for possible, even likely, service on the front lines.

After a long hard fight, the War To End All Wars--what we call now term World War I--came to a close with the Armistice in 11 November 1919. Later, with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, Europe and the rest of the world began picking up the shattered pieces.

Millions of American service men headed home. Slowly at first, then in a torrent. Shipped back to the United States, men were released at various points to return home, some permanently, others for a furlough of days or weeks, then to report elsewhere to finish their hitches in the various branches of service.

As these men came home, they often brought the influenza, which had been raging in Europe, on board returning ships, and in the camps here at home. Men were treated and then released, but some had a light case, or showed no symptoms at all. They came home. Family and friends were then, by virtue of close physical contact, unknowingly infected. So the 'flu' raged here at home. Adair County was not immune.

The first cases of this new influenza appeared in Adair and surrounding counties in the fall of 1918. By the end of January 1919 there was great concern about the spread and various precautions were taken. According to issues of the Adair County News, from January and February of that year, the following steps were taken:

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ADAPT: the word today and several other days in history

By Phillip Coffey:

ADAPT. The word of the day and everyday is 'adapt,' among others like all those included in the scriptures of 'Faith, Hope, and Charity' - 'The Big three'. Everything evolves but we must always hold the scriptures in high regard. The scriptures are often the most difficult to follow in crisis of war, famine, plagues, or infestations that we presently fear.

In my lifetime the first crisis among many others on the national or world scene that I recall was the 'Cuban Missile crisis'. My understanding is that the proverbial 'doomsday clock ' approached the dreaded 12:00 o'clock at its closest in my lifetime at that point.

I was very young but I understood and could feel the fear among my older and wiser kin.

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2018: Bonnie Barnes tries Japanese fried chicken

2020-04-05 - Columbia, KY - Photo by Travis Smith.
Bonnie Barnes, right, of Russell Springs, KY, is served Japanese deep fried chicken by LWC freshman Ayumi Maruyama of Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan at the 2018 International Marketplace.

The international students at LWC planned and hosted the annual event attended by more than 400 campus and community members.

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April 8 Blood Drive moves locations

By Stacey Biggs

The April 8, 2020, American Red Cross Blood Drive originally scheduled to be held at the T.J. Health Pavilion has been moved to the First Christian Church in the Fellowship Hall at 1100 N. Race Street in Glasgow.

All donors will need to make an appointment to donate. Any donor that had a previous appointment at T.J Health Pavilion will need to go back to and make a new appointment under the First Christian Church location. You can also call 1-800-RED CROSS to make an appointment.

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Adair County Knife Swap and Auction cancelled

By Shirley Moss

The Adair County Knife Swap and Auction will be not be meeting in April or May.

May God Bless each and every one during this time. Be safe and careful. Philippians 4:13 says, I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

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Letter: Email question for photo contest

Jennifer Parker writes:
I was wondering if you have an email address for Tony Rose (4-H). The one listed for the Week 3, 4-H photo contest doesn't seem to be working.

Jennifer, thanks for writing. We confirmed that the correct email for Tony is listed,, and Tony did send this advice if you're still having trouble:

Sometimes the university email will limit the size of a file that can be sent to us usually one picture is not a problem but with some of the sizes of the picture files anymore it might be. If they would like to they can send it to me by text message my phone number is 270-634-0401. Just make sure to include the name of the youth and their age. --Tony
Comments re: Week 3 4-H Photo Contest

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Kramp named ACA Ledford Scholar for female inmate research

By Scarlett Birge

Campbellsville, KY - Shannon Kramp, a junior at Campbellsville University from Danville who is double majoring in psychology and criminal justice, has been announced as an Appalachian College Association (ACA) Ledford Scholar with Dr. Dale Wilson, director of criminal justice programs and associate professor, as her sponsor.

"We knew we wanted to do a research project that focused on female inmates," Kramp said. "They're often called the forgotten offenders because they can't see their family as much as male inmates."

Kramp worked on a research study last spring focusing on learned helplessness in inmates. She volunteered to help Wilson and is now part of a team, including Wilson; Dr. Emily Hayden, assistant professor of criminal justice; and students Rebecca Satterly, a senior from Bardstown, Ky.; Taylor Elardo, a senior from Stockton, Calif.; and Jasmin Green, a senior from Radcliff, Ky., that will teach a program to women convicted of violent offences and incarcerated at the Kentucky Correctional Institution for Women (KCIW).

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Traditional German dishes at 2018 International Marketplace

2020-04-05 - Columbia, KY - Photo by Travis Smith.
LWC students from Germany serve up a taste from home with a traditional German dish at the LWC International Marketplace held in 2018 in the Doris & Bob Health and Wellness Center at Lindsey.

Left to right, biology freshman Hannah Schrage from Cologne, business administration freshman Alexandra Busch from Wurselen, psychology freshman Chiara Epifani from Oslo and physical education freshman Leonie Fleske from Essen. The four students are also members of the Lindsey Wilson women's soccer program.

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2019-20 Rewind: LWC Men's Cross Country

By Christopher Coombs

The Lindsey Wilson men's cross country team competed at five events and finished as a team in the top five four separate times during the 2019 campaign.

The Blue Raiders top team finish came at the Patty Forgey Invite, claiming the top spot out of seven teams. LWC also rolled out a second-place finish at the St. Louis Fall Classic, a third-place finish at the MSC Preview Meet, and a fifth-place finish at the Mid-South Conference Championships.

Levi Owens recorded the top individual finishing spot for the Blue Raiders, notching first place at the Patty Forgey Invite. Owens also rolled in the best individual finishing time for Lindsey Wilson of 26:08.2 at the Jenna Strong Invitational.

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What's Cooking in Columbia Today
Click restaurant names for hours, directions, and prices. Print What's Cooking

Betty's Country Cooking
MENU | 2339 Campbellsville RD, Columbia, KY (MAP) Phone 270-384-5664 | Non-smoking. Breakfast served anytime. Credit Cards accepted. Hours: Sunday 8:00amCT til 3:00pmCT, Monday through Saturday 5:00amCT til 9:00pmCT
Betty's will be closing until the ban on public dining rooms is lifted. Even with the drive-through and carry out capabilities, it has been determined there would be too much loss to stay open until things change.

We wish everyone safety and good health and hope we will see you again very soon!

Black Stallion Steakhouse
202 Will Walker Rd., Columbia, KY. 270-380-1800. Open seven days a week 11am to 10pmCT.
Nonsmoking. Credit cards accepted. Private rooms available. Full Bar Seating, Beer & Wine, 7-days a week

Black Stallion will be open today from 12:30pmCT to 7:30pmCT for carryout and delivery. Give us a call at 270-380-1800 to place your order!

Steaks & Ribs, Seafood, Chicken, Combinations and Vegetarian Platters, Sides, Salads, Soupls, Sandwiches, Wraps, Burgers

Click here to read our menu (PDF)

Fiesta Mexico of Columbia
819 Jamestown St., Columbia KY. 270-384-6004. Hrs.: 10:30amCT daily; Sun, 11amCT
Authentic Mexican Restaurant
SUNDAY SPECIAL: BURRITO CALIFORNIA – Choice of Large Burrito stuffed with Beef or Chicken, Beans Rice Lettuce Sour Cream and Topped with Cheese Dip. $7.99

Appetizers & Salads, Combination Dinners, Vegetarian Combinations, Especial of the House Grill, Especial Seafood, Especial Steak, A La Carte Orders, Side Orders, Kids Menu, Desserts and Beverages.

Special: Pina Loca Grilled chicken, steak, or both, with chunks of pineapple, grilled onions and cheese on top. Served with beans, rice, and Mexican salad on the side, for $10.99.

We'll be going to Carry-Out only, and your call in orders are welcome! --Roy Ayala

Happy Cow Cafe
209 Will Walker Rd., Columbia, KY. 270-380-1817. Open seven days a week, 5amCT to 5pmCT. Nonsmoking. Credit cards accepted.
Homemade Food, Donuts made fresh daily, Specialty coffee drinks - breakfast every day all day! Click here to read our menu (PDF)

Our drive-through window makes it easy to pick up your order. Call us at 270-380-1817 so your order is ready when you get here. Happy Cow Cafe is now offering delivery, too!

38 Birthdays and Anniversaries for April 5
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Happy Birthday, Lois Ann Wilson | (Updates/Corrections)
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In Memory Birthday, Addlean Bolin, Russell Springs, KY (1935-2018) | (Updates/Corrections)
In Memory Birthday, William E. Godbey, Casey County, KY (1927-2018) Obituary | (Updates/Corrections)
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