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Welcome to Chamber Insights - March 2012

Complete edition: In this month's Chamber Insights: President Roger Meadows message; Bryan Rich, speaking for corporate sponsor of the month Jeffries Hardware; Chamber Events; Welcome new member, returning members; New Board Member Pam Hancock interview; Ramie Hutchison column; What the Little Guy Gets out of the Chamber, by Sue Stivers; Jury Duty Scam

The monthly newsletter of the Columbia-Adair County Chamber of Commerce 201 Burkesville Street, Columbia, Kentucky 42718 (270) 384-6020 / /
Editor: Sue Stivers
President's Message: Roger Meadows
Feature Writer: Ramie Hutchinson, Rachel Carr
The Purpose of the Columbia-Adair County Chamber of Commerce is to promote and enhance the Business, Cultural, Educational and Civic Well Being of Columbia and Adair County.

Thought of the Month: "You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus" - - Mark Twain

By Roger Meadows

This past weekend while watching the NCAA tournament, there was a commercial by American Express that I found particularly interesting. The commercial was about buying local. Now I'm sure American Express is as interested in the consumer using the American Express card as they are whether or not you shop local, but it did get me to thinking about what buying local really means to our community.

I entered "Shop Locally" in Google and received over 7 million results so obviously there has been a lot written on the subject. There have been a number of studies over the years about money spent locally staying in the local economy and continuing to strengthen the economic base of the local community. The percentages cited in the studies ranged from 45% to 80% of money spent locally remaining in the local economy. Some of the benefits for shopping locally and keeping the money in the local economy are:
When you shop locally, jobs are created, additional funding is available through taxes to fund more services like education and health and safety.

Most local businesses contribute to their community by making donations to nonprofit organizations and volunteering their time for local causes. Often times we are disappointed if a local business will not give money to our cause even though we do not do our part to support them.

When you shop local you are creating jobs for your family and neighbors who in turn spend their money locally.

When you shop your local businesses you will find the people you deal with to be very friendly since they are your neighbors.
One of the things that make Columbia-Adair County unique is the number of specialty shops we have, each business owner with that entrepreneurial spirit. There are over 129 businesses and organizations listed in the Chamber directory with a large number of great products and services. I urge you to stop by our Columbia-Adair County Chamber office and pick up a directory of Chamber businesses and give them a try.Roger Meadows


Thank you Jeffries Hardware & Wholesale Electric for being Corporate Sponsor of the Month. The following remarks were made by Bryan Rich, Office Manager

Jeffries is owned by Leon & Ann Lewis who are natives from Green County, KY.

Many people do not realize just how old Jeffries Hardware is. Jeffries Hardware was established in 1896 when William F. Jeffries and son, Horace, started the original store in Columbia. The store was located on the Public Square corner of Jamestown Street on the First National Bank side where Radio Shack is now. In 1905, they were joined by T.E. Jeffries.

In 1920, the business was sold to Shreve T. Davis, R.L. Davis and Mollie Caldwell and the name was changed to Davis Hardware, however The Jeffries' family retained ownership of the building. Horace Jeffries purchased 1/3 interest from Ms. Caldwell in 1927 and remained active in the business until 1941. In 1954, Mrs. Nina Davis and Mrs. S.T. Davis widows of the Davis owners sold their interest to Lynn Jeffries, son of Horace. Lynn changed the name back to Jeffries Hardware. Lynn remained owner until 1970 when Rollin Pyles and Elbert Burton bought the business. In 1980, Rollin & Elbert decided to move off from the square to its present day location on top of Jamestown Hill at the site of the former Dr. Pepper Plant and G & G Tractors. By re-locating, there was more square footage for display area and extra parking.

Jeffries started out as a business that sold hardware, farm implements, seeds, fertilizers, harness', saddles, and horse drawn buggies. It later added paint and paint supplies. In the late 60's & early 70's, Jeffries became not only a hardware store but also started selling wholesale electric supplies.

In 1991, Leon and Ann Lewis became the new owners. Leon brought to Jeffries his electrical engineering experience that complemented our wholesale electric. In the years to follow, the business grew tremendously and in 1997 we added a lighting and plumbing showroom which stands beside the hardware/wholesale electric building.

This began a whole new business for Jeffries. Jeffries was not only the local hardware and residential wholesale electric store, but also had now become a supplier for many commercial projects in the area. A couple of examples, when you go into the Wellness Center at LWC, the lighting & switchgear inside that building is from Jeffries. Also, the New LWC Football stadium lighting was provided by Jeffries. Today, we employ 11 people. We have an outside salesman that travels to surrounding counties a couple of times a week. We have people that will go into your home and give you advice on lighting.

Jeffries is now in it's 116th year of business. Jeffries' success is due mainly to reacting with the changing times over the years. The hardware store is a member of the Do It Best Co-op and we carry full line of hardware, power tools, paint & supplies, garden seeds, yard tools, etc.

Our wholesale electrical store keeps up with the constantly changing electrical codes and we provide all of your electrical supplies from breaker boxes, wiring to your plugs & switches.

Our showcase gallery keeps ups with the latest trends of lighting & bathroom fixtures.

As Ann Lewis tells us in our commercials: "Everything we do is just for you" - Bryan Rich

CHAMBER EVENTSChamber Banquet - Tuesday, April 17 - 6:30 PM at Cranmer Dining Center, Lindsey Wilson College. Reservations due not later than 4:00 PM - Wednesday, April 11.

Ticket price $15.00. Available at the Chamber of Commerce office, 201 Burkesville St.

The program will feature a well-know group of local musicians featuring:
Jr. & Donna Feese........Gerald & Cynthia Coomer..........Buddy & Nancy Smith Bobby Lee and Sammy Blair.
The presentation of Awards will be given in recognition of individuals nominated by Chamber members in the following categories: Outstanding Business/Professional Man and Woman, Educator, Agriculturist, Industry/Business, Employee and Volunteer of the Year.

You don't want to miss this event. Call the Chamber office at 384-6020 for additional information.

Farm, Home and Garden Show - Sponsored by the Cooperative Extension Service, will be held Saturday, March 31 form 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. The Chamber will have a booth working to promote Chamber businesses in Columbia and Adair County. All Businesses are encouraged to bring your flyers, business cards or promotional materials to the Chamber office by noon Friday, March 30th. Your Chamber wants to help promote your business. If you have questions or need additional information contact the Chamber office, at 201 Burkesville Street or call 384-6020.

Ribbon Cutting - Wednesday - April 4th - 1:00 pm. A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to announce the new location of: Hot Prints, Inc., 1655 Hwy. 55 South, Phone 384-4034, Owners: Daryl & Connie Kemp,

All Chamber members and the public are invited to attend and the Chamber of Commerce wish Hot Prints success in their new location.

Thank You!! A Special Thank You to Duo County Telephone Cooperative and Eric West, Director of Marketing for donating the cost of the slide announcing the Chamber Banquet on April 17th. 6:30 PM at the LWC Cranmer Dining Center. It appears on Channel 2 and will run up to April 17th.


The Columbia-Adair County Chamber of Commerce welcomes the following new Chamber Member:
Margo Miller - 264 Hatcher Road, Columbia, KY 42728
By joining the Chamber, you become a part of an organization that is dedicated to the economic growth and prosperity of Columbia and Adair County. Your investment in the Chamber means an "investment" in "Your Community". This is your Chamber...Your business voice in our community...helping to make Columbia-Adair County "A Great Place to Call Home". Remember, what you get out of a membership association is what you put into it. You are encouraged to get involved today!


The Columbia-Adair County Chamber of Commerce is happy to "Welcome Back" the following members to the Chamber.

Rocky Hill Nursery, 770 Rocky Hill Road, Columbia 270-384-1202. Beth Rutherford

Harvey-Ellis Motors, Inc., 1072 Campbellsville Road, Columbia. 270-384-229 James Harvey & James Ellis

Hancock Tire Center, 1321 Campbellsville Road, Columbia 270-384-3882. Troy & Alex Hancock

Your membership is deeply appreciated. Thank You for investing in your community to make it a better place to live, work and play.

If you or your business/industry have not renewed your dues to the Chamber, YOU are encouraged to do so. Please make an investment in your Community by calling the Chamber office at 384-6020 or visit us at 201 Burkesville Street. Your membership means very much to the welfare of your Chamber and the Community. It is through membership dues that the Chamber can sponsor events and activities in our County, and to meet expenses incurred of operating the Chamber office and the Roadside Park on Hwy. 55 South

The Chamber Board of Directors would like to thank the following Chamber Members for renewing their membership for 2012.

The Giles Society...Durham & Zornes, Attorneys...Pyles Concrete...Chandler's Office Supplies...Majestic Yachts...Columbia Pharmacy...Adair County Farm Bureau...Cutter Collection...Staff Management...C & R Framing/Matting...Janella Brown, DMD...Robins Nest Daycare...Burton Ace Hardware...Jack & Margie Collins...Marshall Loy, Attorney...Magnolia House B & B...Dollhouse Daycare...Egypt Construction...H & H Building Contractors...Anthony's Auto Sales...Adair Co. Fire Extinguisher Service...Goodwill Industries...Nation's Medicines...Sonic Drive In...Branscum Construction...Bennett's Carpets...Adair County Public Library...IMO Pump-Colfax Corp....Columbia Rotary Club...Adair County Extension Service...Lynn's Service Center...Wall Heating & Cooling...United Citizen's Bank...Charles Barnes...House of Styles...Estes Insurance/Nationwide...Stotts, Phelps, McQueary Funeral Home... Stotts Construction Co., Inc....Hot Prints, Inc...Central Financial Services...Arrow Exterminators


Interviewed by Rachel Carr*

The Columbia-Adair County Chamber of Commerce would like to Welcome to its Chamber Board Pam Hancock of McDonald's.

Pam Hancock is the Director of Operations and partial owner of the Columbia McDonalds. She is also the Director of operations at a total of five McDonald locations. She has worked in the business for twenty years, where she runs the McDonalds with her father. The family connection is what originally made her decide to work in the restaurant business, where she has been very successful. Last year she was chosen as Outstanding Business Woman of the Year through the Columbia/Adair County Chamber of Commerce.

One of Pam's favorite things to do is to going on vacation with her entire family in Florida for a week every summer. She was elected to the Chamber Board of Directors this year, and is excited about serving her community and helping to move the town forward.

*Rachel Carr is a junior at Lindsey Wilson College. She is majoring in English and minoring in Women's Studies. She is a Begley Scholar and a Bonner Volunteer. Rachel is currently working at the Columbia-Adair County Chamber of Commerce for her Bonner service site. She also worked at the Chamber of Commerce in her hometown of Danville, Kentucky.


By Sue Stivers, Executive Director

Smaller business must know there will be a positive return on dollars invested. Chamber membership is an investment. So, what are the dividends?

The work of the Chamber benefits all business, large and small. We all profit from a strong economy and a healthy business climate, not to mention the benefits of a more livable City and County for our families.

Belonging to the Chamber adds to your staff. You have, in fact, "hired the Chamber" when you join.

Forum For Change A small business person sometimes feel like a "voice in the wilderness" when pushing for action or speaking out on issues. The Chamber is the amplifier, the forum for the viewpoint of small business. Through the Chamber, the small firm can unite with businesses with similar concerns and get things done which would be impossible if tackled alone.BR>
Clout Larger companies develop clout of their own, an identity of their own. Small firms identifying with the Chamber increase in prestige and clout by associations.BR>
Contacts with prospects and customers are a natural benefit of membership. The Chamber is a business organization. When business people get together, you can bet they are doing business. Besides, you usually have the inside track on what's happening in the market by receiving the newsletter, attending monthly meetings, being involved on committees, and participating in activities and events.

Potential Growth If you are small today, you have the opportunity to grow because of a strong, aggressive Chamber of Commerce.BR>
Just in the last week, the Columbia-Adair County Chamber of Commerce welcomed two small businesses with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Bahama Beauties Tanning and the Columbia Ice House. These small businesses know that the Chamber of Commerce will be working for them in helping their business grow and become successful.


By Ramie Hutchinson

When creating a password for important online accounts, you need to use intricate and different passwords from site to site (to limit the fallout if hackers steal a password database). The problem? If you create to many different passwords, they can become difficult to remember.Here are some tips thanks to PC world columnist, Rick Broida.

Come up with a single, secure password you can commit to memory, one that mixes letters, numbers, and symbols. In my case, I might use a familiar word like HassleFree, but modified thusly: Hassl3fr33!. All I did was replace each "e" with a "3" and tack on an exclamation point. That's now my baseline password (for purposes of this example--not in real life).

Whenever I sign up for a new service, I use the name of that service as the prefix, then add my unique password. Thus, for something like Amazon, my password would be AmazonHassl3fr33!. For eBay, it would be EbayHassl3fr33!. And so on."

Now you've got your lengthy and complex password that changes from site-to-site. Is this a perfect solution? No, but will it potentially deter a hacker from accessing your information? Yes!

Thanks, for reading this month's Duo County Telecom, Chamber Insights.


This information has been verified by the FBI (their link is included at the end of this article). Most people take those summonses for jury duty seriously, but enough people skip out on their civic duty that a new and ominous kind of fraud has surfaced.

When you answer the telephone, the caller claims to be a jury DUTY Coordinator.

If you protest that you never received a summons for jury duty, the Scammer asks you for your Social Security number and date of birth so he or she can verify the information and cancel the arrest warrant. If you give out any of this identity was just stolen.

The fraud has been reported so far in 11 states. This (swindle) is particularly insidious because they use intimidation over the phone to try to bully people into giving information by pretending they are with the court system.

The FBI and the federal court system have issued nationwide alerts on their websites, warning customers about the fraud. Check it out at this website:

KY Transportation Cabinet Free Road Assistance

If you travel Ky's interstates and parkways you have probably seen the SAFE PATROL truck. This is a free service to stranded motorists. Put their number in your cell phone.

The KY Transportation Cabinet has a service that most people aren't aware of. It's called the Safe Patrol. If you are on an interstate or parkway and need assistance with your car, they can provide gas, oil, air for flat tires, jump batteries and other minor repairs free of charge.

The telephone number to call is 1-877-367-5982. This is a good number to put in your cell phone.

Below is the website that details what they provide.

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