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Chamber Insights, complete October 2009 issue

In the October 2009 issue
  • President's Message from Donna Stotts
  • Corporate Sponsor for month, Community Trust Bank
  • Dates to remember
  • Renfro Valley 'Front Porch' Coming to Columbia
  • Christmas in Columbia plans
  • Tribute to Charles Barnes for service to community, Chamber
  • 7-Relationship building strategies
  • Preventing the screen of death on PC, by Ramie Hutchison

Welcome to Chamber Insights - October 2009

The monthly newsletter of the Columbia-Adair County Chamber of Commerce.

Editor and feature writer: Sue Stivers
President's Message: Donna Stotts
Feature Writers:Ron Heath, Ramie Hutchinson

The Purpose of the Columbia-Adair County Chamber of Commerce is to promote and enhance the Business, Cultural, Educational and Civic Well Being of Columbia and Adair County.
"Thought of the Month"

"Some People had rather look backward than forward, because it is easier to remember where you've been than to figure out where you are going."

President's Message

WOW!! What an exciting month October will be at the Columbia-Adair County Chamber of Commerce. Two events are about to take place and many others are being planned for the remainder of the year.

The 2nd Annual "Wish List Event" for the Ronald McDonald Houses of Lexington and Louisville will be October 22nd, 4:00 to 7:00 CST. The people of this community are encouraged to come out in full force to offer support for this effort. It is to honor so many families that have benefited from this wonderful "Home Away From Home". We hope that the amount of items collected will be greater than last year. The Chamber would like to thank each business, individual or volunteer that makes this such a success.

The 2nd Annual "Treats On The Town" is well underway. Committee Chair, Mindy Smith, has once again done an outstanding job of getting this event together. Children will be able to have a safe environment to enjoy trick of treating as they walk around the square in Columbia. For more information to set up, please call Mindy 384-2361, or the Chamber office at 384-6020. Hope to see you there!

Plans are underway for "Christmas In Columbia". Call the Chamber office for information or to volunteer for the many events planned for the day.

Corporate Sponsor of the Month - Community Trust Bank

A special thanks to Community Trust Bank for being the Corporate Sponsor for the month. Lee Ann Collins, Branch Manager and her employees do an outstanding job at the bank, just as they do in participating and helping the Chamber with activities, events and special projects. The following comments were made by Branch Manger Lee Ann Collins at the October 20th Chamber meeting.

Community Trust Bank currently has 76 banking locations in eastern, northeastern, central, and south central Kentucky, and West Virginia, and 5 trust offices across Kentucky. Community Trust Bancorp was founded in 1903 and is headquartered in Pikeville, Kentucky. As of June 30, 2009, it has assets of $3.0 billion and employs more than 1,000 individuals. Community Trust Bancorp, Inc. is traded on the NASDAQ stock market under the symbol "CTBI."

Community Trust Bancorp, Inc. operates as the holding company for the Community Trust Bank, Inc. and Community Trust and Investment Company. It primarily offers commercial and personal banking services, and trust services, in Kentucky and West Virginia. The company's deposit services comprise time and demand deposits, savings accounts, NOW accounts, and certificates of deposit. Its lending activities include commercial, construction, mortgage, and personal loans, as well as lease-financing, lines of credit, revolving lines of credit, term loans, and asset-based financing.

Community Trust Bancorp also offers cash management services, letters of credit, safe deposit boxes, and funds transfer services. In addition, the company operates as trustee of personal trusts; executor of estates; trustee for employee benefit trusts; registrar, transfer agent, and paying agent for bond and stock issues; depository for securities; and as a provider of brokerage operations.

Welcome New Member

The Columbia-Adair County Chamber of Commerce is happy to welcome Fox Collection Center as a new member. They are located at 456 Moss Trail in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. Terrie Frederick, a native of Adair County, has now returned to her home town of Columbia and will work from her home. The first thing Terrie did was come to the Chamber office and become a member of the Chamber. A special "Thank You" to Terrie and company for becoming a part of our Chamber family.

By joining the Chamber, you become a part of an organization that is dedicated to the economic growth and prosperity of Columbia and Adair County. Your investment in the Chamber means an investment in your community. This is your Chamber...your voice in our community...helping to make Columbia and Adair County "A Good Place To Call Home".

Dates to Remember

October 31 - Treats on the Town - Saturday, October 31 from 5:00 to 8:00 PM - Downtown Square in Columbia. Chamber members wanting to donate candy can bring to the Chamber office at 201 Burkesville Street.

November 17 - Monthly Chamber of Commerce meeting- 11:45 AM at Lindsey Wilson College Dining Center. Guest Speaker will be Heather Spoon, Director of the Career Academy at Adair and Russell County High Schools. Come learn about the first ever career academy in a rural area in the United States. Corporate Sponsor will be Xtreme Fitness Center, Larry Fletcher, General Manager of both Columbia and Campbellsville centers.

December 4-5-6...Christmas in Columbia Week-End - Watch for publicity...for information contact Chamber office at 384-6020 or visit the office at 201 Burkesville Street.

December 10 - Chamber Christmas Party at The Pines at Lindsey Wilson (formerly Pinewood Country Club). Invitations will be mailed to all Chamber members. Reservations must be made.

Front Porch Pickin' Coming to Columbia

Country music fans have something exciting to look forward to in November. On Thursday, November 19, the stars of Renfro Valley will be bringing their acclaimed, high energy, family friendly "Front Porch Pickin" show to Columbia. The show will take place on the Lindsey Wilson College campus in the new Hodge Discipleship Center at 7:00 p.m. CST.

"Front Porch Pickin" has been performed for thousands of fans throughout the eastern half of the United States. The show features six multitalented performers each providing their own special musical style. During the first part of the show, the performers will sing a variety popular country songs mixed with their own compositions.

After intermission the real fun begins. That's when members of the audience will be able to request their favorite songs. Since the performers don't know what people might request, no two shows are ever the same.

Tickets are available at the Chamber of Commerce Office for $10. You can make it a real night out by planning to eat dinner in the Cranmer Dining Center before the show. Don't wait too long to get your tickets. Seating is limited. For more information contact the Chamber of Commerce Office (384-6020)

This event is sponsored by The Columbia-Adair Chamber of Commerce and Lindsey Wilson College. Proceeds from this show will be used by the Chamber to help underwrite community programs like Treats on the Town and Christmas in Columbia and by Lindsey Wilson College to provide scholarships for deserving students from Adair County.

Christmas in Columbia Weekend
December 4-6

With the cold weather settling in across Kentucky that can only mean one thing Christmas in Columbia weekend can't be too far away. This year's festivities are scheduled for December 4-6. That means there's only seven weeks left before the big weekend. It's not too early to start making plans now to participate.

This year marks the 19th Annual Christmas in Columbia celebration sponsored by the Columbia-Adair County Chamber of Commerce. The theme will be "Christmas Dreams." Many special events and activities are being planned throughout the weekend and this year's parade promises to be bigger and better than ever. There will be something of interest for everyone.

Churches and other community organizations interested in entering a float should contact the Chamber Office to receive an information sheet and entry form. Cash prizes will be awarded for the best floats, the best out of county floats, and the best non-float entrants. Here's your chance to have some fun building a float and maybe earn some cash for your group. Use your imagination in building a float to make Christmas come alive for children.

Look for more information and the complete Christmas in Columbia schedule in the coming weeks. If you have questions or would like to volunteer to help with any of the events during the weekend, contact the Chamber Office (384-6020).

Thank You Charles Barnes for Service Given to Chamber Board of Directors
By Stephanie Barrett - LWC Bonner Student

Recently I have had the opportunity to work with Columbia-Adair County Chamber of Commerce. Later in the year, there will be three members whom terms will be expiring as Chamber Board of Directors. Earlier this week, I found myself sitting down with one of these Board Members, Charles Barnes whose term will expire December 31, 2009 after serving two terms on the Board.

I thought it interesting to find that Barnes attended Lindsey Wilson College from 1951 through 1953. He told me that he really enjoyed his time at the College and was even voted "Best All Around Guy" three years in a row. And it is easy to see why, as he has a presence that puts you at ease and makes anyone feel like they have known him their entire life. Barnes, however, did not graduate from Lindsey Wilson as the College dropped his major of Agriculture. This did not hinder his desire to succeed. He became a farmer for much of his life. He went on to own a large business in Columbia known as Barnes Milling Company. Later, he became a successful real estate agent and today works in the real estate business in Russell Springs.

Barnes became involved with Chamber in 1965. At this time members numbered in the range of 40-50 in contrast to today where they number up to 214. This demonstrates the tremendous growth of the Chamber over the years. Since that time he has been actively involved serving several terms on the Chamber Board of Directors, served on numerous committees, held offices of secretary, vice president and served as President and Chairman of various committees.

For the past six years, Barnes served as the Chairman of the Agriculture Committee. When asked to explain his duties, he replied, "Anything about farming..." As Chairman of the AG Committee, he reports to the Chamber Board about activities that involve the farming industry. He said that one of the Chamber's goals is to promote agriculture by working with and supporting efforts of agriculture agencies and groups within the county that supports the expansion and diversification of agriculture products and marketing. Barnes is also an active member of the Cattleman's Association.

I asked Barnes why he felt the Chamber was important to the City of Columbia and Adair County. He pointed out the purpose of the Chamber is to promote and enhance the business, cultural, educational and civic well-being of our City and County. He discussed the many good works the chamber does in enabling the growth of the community which he details as being essential to any county and region. "Without the Chamber, our community would not have the high quality of life that we enjoy today", he said.

I inquired as to what he felt was his greatest achievement while being a part of this important organization. He points to his service of 44 years of helping to bring in businesses, working on chamber projects that adds to a higher quality of life for al citizens, and fulfilling his civic duty.

One might wonder what this ex-LWC student will do next. He simply replied, "Relaxing, backing off and enjoying life". This is not surprising coming from a man that has given so much to his community. People of Columbia should be grateful for the many good works that he has done in service to his community.

Barnes encourages those who will be filling the vacancies on the Board to be active, have a passion for the Chamber and to serve where they will be most useful. In addition to those closing remarks, he said he would like to encourage all business people in the County and individuals to take part in the Chamber of Commerce. There is strength in numbers, it's good publicity for your business and strengthens any organization. He is also proud of his associates, co-workers, specifically his long time colleague Sue Stivers.

7 Relationship-Building Business Strategies

Try these tactics to get customers to think of your business first.Q: With so much competition, it's hard for a business to keep from blending into the background. What can you do to help customers think of you first when they're ready to buy?A: Successful businesses don't just communicate with prospects and customers for special sales. Today, making your company indispensable is a vital key to marketing success. It's a terrific way to add value, enhance your brand and position against your competition. Here are seven relationship-building strategies that will help you transform your company into a valuable resource:
  1. Communicate frequently. How often do you reach out to customers? Do the bulk of your communications focus on product offers and sales? For best results, it's important to communicate frequently and vary the types of messages you send.
  2. Offer customer rewards. Customer loyalty or reward programs work well for many types of businesses, from retail to travel. The most effective programs offer graduated rewards, so the more customers spend, the more they earn.
  3. Hold special events.With the renewed interest in retaining and up-selling current customers, company-sponsored special events and promotions are returning to the forefront. Any event that allows you and your staff to interact with your best customers is a good bet.
  4. Build two-way communication. When it comes to customer relations, "listening" can be every bit as important as "telling". Customers who know they're "heard" instantly feel a rapport and a relationship with your company.
  5. Enhance your customer service. Do you have a dedicated staff or channel for resolving customer problems quickly and effectively? One of the best ways to add value and stand out from the competition is to have superior customer service. Top-flight customer service on all sales will help you build repeat business, create positive word-of-mouth and increase sales from new customers as a result
  6. Launch multicultural programs. It may be time to add a multilingual component to your marketing program. Bilingual customer service will also go a long way toward helping your company build relationships with minority groups.
  7. Visit the trenches. When was the last time you spent hours, or even a full day, with your customers? There's no better way to really understand the challenges your customers face and the ways you can help meet them than to occasionally get out in the trenches. Try it. You'll find it can be a real eye-opener and a great way to cement lasting relationships.
To Stop Your Progress From Going in Reverse, Back Up!
By Ramie Hutchison

How many of you have ever received the blue screen of death on your PC and lost family photos, school papers, and personal documents? If you are nodding your head, you are not alone.

Backing up is the most important thing a PC user can do. Although we like to put our trust in our Personal Computer manufacturers, even the great companies can make mistakes. Not to mention that there are some potent viruses out there as well.

Having been a victim of the treacherous blue screen of death my senior year in high school, I can attest to the heart wrenching feeling of losing important documents. Don't forget the extra money you have to spend as well.

Expect the unexpected!

So how do you prevent these things? Back up your documents. A PC is like a car. You buy a new one assuming it will last until you are tired of it, but anything can go wrong; accidents, nature, or your child pulling in the driveway on two wheels. Much like a vehicle, your PC can be struck down in a matter of seconds if no precaution is taken.

2 Back Ups are better than 1.

Let's say you have been backing up your school or business files on a 1 GB flash drive. You may be thinking everything is safe. While performing usual maintenance on your PC, you decide to delete the files that are also copied on your flash drive. As you go to access your files on another PC in your business or on campus, you realize your drive is corrupt and is no longer working (actual occurrence). What now?

Now that I have been through the fire, my hindsight is 20/20. There are many ways to back up your files, External hard-drives with plenty of space, flash drives, CD's and DVD's, as well as online storage. I recommend that you keep all important files two other places besides your personal Computer. This ensures that a devastating blow to your technology will not render you completely helpless.

For more information on what devices can be used, you can visit sites such as or give us a call at (270) 378-4141.

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